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FET-Open Media Archive

New Scientist, 03/11/2011
Online anonymity
may be a luxury we can no longer afford – and it's disappearing fast anyway. Are we ready to bare all on the internet?.
BBC News, 15/09/2010
Falling in love costs you 2 friends
We probably all know that a passionate new relationship can leave you little time for others, but now science has put some numbers on the observation.
BBC News, 18/03/2010
Invisibility cloak created in 3-D
Scientists have created the first device to render an object invisible in three dimensions.
The Economist, 10/08/2010
Riders on a swarm
Mimicking the behaviour of ants, bees and birds started as a poor man's version of artificial intelligence. Yet it may prove to be the key to the real thing.
Davos, 2010
Welcome to the IdeasLab
Discovering creative technological solutions for the ageing population
Wired Magazine, 29/04/2010
Augmented reality & haptic flooring
Researchers at McGill University in Montreal, Canada have developed floor tiles that can simulate the look, sound and feel of snow or grass... 
New Scientist, 28/10/2009
Super-slow motion camera can follow firing neurons
Slow motion just got a whole lot slower, with a camera sensor able to film action at 1 million frames per second.
ICT results, 08/02/2010
When cars go to driving school
The next generation of cars may be smart enough to learn how you drive and warn you when you're not driving safely.
EC Infocentre, 28/3/2007
Rehabilitation robots
How the development of a similarity-based approach promises to change the machine learning and pattern recognition domains.