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Download our most recent FET Projects Compendium , which includes a description of FET targeted research projects and coordination and support activities funded in the 7th Framework Programme. Find more useful resources in our FET library .


FET-Open projects

FET-Open supports high-risk high-impact projects which target a breakthrough in the sciences or technologies underpinning ICT. A list of current and recently finished projects can be seen on this page. We endeavour to keep links up to date. Please let us know (email removed) about any broken links. Thank you.

Project Name
Start date
BS4ICTRSRCH Testing the practice of Book Sprints as a new paradigm of collaborative writing for ICT researchers and innovators 03/2013 02/2014 0.2M€
Enhanced Technology for Open Intelligent Learning Environments
02/2011 01/2014 0.6M€
EYE Empowering Young Explorers 11/2013 10/2015 1.2M€
Global System Dynamics and Policies
05/2008 07/2010 0.5M€
Global Systems Dynamics and Policy
10/2010 09/2013 1.3M€
The Innovation Society, Sustainability, and ICT
03/2011 05/2014 0.9M€
Mobility, Data Mining, and Privacy
09/2009 08/2012 0.9M€
NESS Non-Equilibrium Social Science in ICT and Economics 11/2011 10/2014 0.8M€
QUAINT Optimal Control Technologies in Quantum Information Processing 08/2012 07/2015 0.4M€
ROBOSOFT A Coordination Action for Soft Robotics 10/2013 09/2016 1M€
SINTELNET European Network for Social Intelligence 06/2011 05/2014 0.6M€
Tools for INteractive Assessement of Projects
10/2009 03/2011 0.3M€
URBANIXD UrbanIxD: Designing Human Interactions in the Networked City 01/2013 12/2014 0.5M€
Visual Analytics - Mastering the Information Age
08/2008 07/2010 0.5M€