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ARTIST - Alternative Routes Towards Information Storage and Transport at the Atomic and Molecular Scale

Coord inated by Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France
7th Framework programme
2010 - 2013
EU contribution of 1.9M€
The ARTIST project aims at exploring alternative routes towards long distance (above 10 nm) information transport and storage at the atomic and molecular scale. ARTIST suggests new solutions for optical and electrical addressing of molecules, efficient inter-molecular communication and compatible data storage. We will implement new concepts and methods for molecular electronics based on: Addressing by: nanoscale plasmonic waveguides, electrostatics and single charge injection by weak coupling to nanocapacitors. Long distance information transport by: (i) intramolecular single electron transfer in long molecular ribbons made in situ by on-surface chemistry from precursor molecules, (ii) intermolecular propagation of proton transfer in self-assembled chains of tautomers and (iii) plasmon-mediated energy transfer. Information storage by: (i) charge trapping in atoms and molecules, (ii) conformation change and (iii) tautomerization of single molecules. The proposed devices will ensure operation time on the picosecond scale, sub-nanometer wire diameters and construction by self-assembly or on-surface chemistry. The ARTIST project is made possible by a multidisciplinary collaboration of experts in: (i) covalent and hydrogen-bonded self-assembled molecular ribbons, (ii) imaging and manipulation of molecules on thin insulating films, bulk insulators and wide band-gap semi-conductors with atomic-scale precision, (iii) nano-scale optical addressing (iv) measurements at the single molecule and electron level. (v) nanoscale fabrication using nanostencil and (vi) theory and simulation of adsorbed molecules and tunnelling A successful achievement of the project goals will open the way to a completely new nano-scale technology for information processing and storage. The ARTIST project has a clear long term potential for fabrication of reliable large arrays of molecular electronic devices.