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FEMTOBLUE - Blue Femtosecond Laser Implemented with Group-III Nitrides

Coord inated by Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique SA, Switzerland
7th Framework programme
2009 - 2012
EU contribution of 1.9M€
The goal of the project is to create a new technology base for ultrafast semiconductor laser diode devices producing femtosecond optical pulses in the blue and violet spectral range. Based on advanced group-III nitride epitaxial growth and device fabrication techniques, we will develop novel InGaN/GaN laser diode structures producing femtosecond pulses in the Dicke superradiance and modelocking regimes. To achieve this goal we will investigate several group III-nitride heterostructures and optical cavity designs operating in three different dynamic regimes. This new technology will lay the foundation for miniature portable femtosecond lasers in the blue-violet that will replace traditional sources like mode-locked frequency doubled Ti: Sapphire lasers, Xenon and dye lasers. It will enable numerous new techniques and developments in the fields of ultrafast optical spectroscopy, high-resolution lithography, quantum optics, optical comb frequency standards, fluorescence decay analysis and biomedical diagnostic to be used without bulky laboratory installations.