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HIP - Hybrid Information Processing

Coord inated by Universita degli studi di salerno, Italy
7th Framework programme
2008 - 2011
EU contribution of 2M€

Scaling quantum information processors beyond the present small-scale devices is challenging as communication between parts of the processor, single site addressability and scaling are dificult to reconcile. HIP addresses these issues with the experimental realization of elementary hybrid atom-photon devices, and the theoretical development of schemes for their integration on platforms capable of being miniaturized and scaled up in functional networks. The main experimental platform on which this goal will be pursued are atom chips structures on which optical micro-cavities will be integrated. These devices will then be connected with optical fibers to form a network. With increasing size of the quantum information processor the detailed verification of its functionality is a task that is growing exponentially in the system size. HIP will address this issue with the development of theoretical methods for the efficient and quantitative verification of key properties of quantum information processors and their experimental implementation. HIP unites leading experimental and theoretical groups to develop and realize these structures and methods, and explore their potential applications. The theoretical methods and experimental demonstrators that will be developed in HIP will provide key facilities for the realization of schemes for medium- and large-scale quantum information processing with integrated atomic and optical systems.