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QUANTIP - Quantum Integrated Photonics

Coord inated by University of Bristol, United Kingdom
7th Framework programme
2010 - 2013
EU contribution of 2.1M€
Quantum information science (QIS) is a pioneering field of research at the interface of physics and information science. By harnessing the unique properties of quantum mechanics to encode, transmit and process information, QIS offers significant opportunities to revolutionise information and communication technologies. Of the various physical systems currently investigated, single particles of light (photons) are destined to take a central role due to their inherent low noise, ease of manipulation at the single photon level and light-speed transmission. However, most proof-of-principle demonstrations have relied on bulky optical components, and are limited in terms of stability, size, scalability and complexity. Here, we propose a paradigm shift in the approach to optical QIS, which would overcome these limitations by developing a novel 'integrated quantum photonic technology platform'. Fully integrated quantum photonic devices for advanced QIS experiments, will allow unprecedented complexity and stability and enable new scientific development in the field of quantum optics, The main aim of this project is to develop the tools, components and concepts that will enable progress towards large-scale, integrated quantum photonic circuits for the development of advanced quantum systems for the purposes of quantum communications, information processing and metrology. A range of discrete integrated quantum photonic components will be developed and then integrated to form proof-of-principle demonstrators of fully-integrated prototypes, where all major components are integrated onto a single chip. To ensure the success of this project the consortium has gathered the complementary expertise of world experts in integrated linear and non-linear optics, solid-state single-photon sources, single-photon detectors and photonic QIS. This project will establish a new major research direction in Europe for the development of QIS using the integrated quantum photonic platform.