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TREASURE - Terahertz room-temperature integrated parametric source

Coord inated by Universite Paris Diderot - Paris VII, France
7th Framework programme
2010 - 2013
EU contribution of 1.7M€
This project will demonstrate an integrated terahertz (THz) emitter at room temperature, based on a parametric optical process in an AlGaAs device, combining strong material nonlinearity and high optical confinement. The approach followed is based on a quasi-phasematching scheme in the whispering-gallery cavity of a microcylinder containing self-assembled quantum-dots. Compared to existing THz sources like photoconductive antennas, photo-mixers, quantum cascade lasers and optical parametric generators, the TREASURE source will bring together several crucial advantages: room-temperature operation, electrical pumping, compactness, THz power above 1 µW, custom emission wavelength, spectral purity, and the perspectives of coherent detection and two-dimensional array schemes. This will be accomplished with the complementary competences of four world-class research groups, plus an industrial partner, leader in the THz technology.