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FET Young Explorers Will you be next?

Many young scientists and researchers are already exploiting the opportunities of FET funding to build their knowledge, networks and careers. Take a look below at the profiles of some FET Young Explorers.

Vittoria Colizza Konrad Banaszek David Le Touzé

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Your proposal will have to comply with certain requirements regarding its length, structure and anonymity. See Annex 4 of the Guide for applicants to download the guidelines and templates to write your proposal.

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FET Young Explorers

Target outcomes

This objective aims at capturing the creative potential of young researchers by fostering their leadership and participation in collaborative research projects targeting first-ever, exploratory, multi-disciplinary research.

This exploration should be grounded in scientifically plausible ideas that can provide a novel basis for the development of radically new concepts and visions that extend the conventional boundaries of ICT. New multi-disciplinary approaches and unconventional methodologies are encouraged.

Expected impact

  • Opening new avenues of research towards future ICT that may be radically different from present day ICT.
  • Empower the next generation of European science and technology leaders through their increased leadership of collaborative ICT research.
  • Promote early independence of young high potential researchers.

Eligibility criteria

This objective is expected to be addressed by small STREP proposals, each requesting a grant in the order of EUR 1 million. A project must be led by a young researcher, and the leadership by young researchers of all work packages is also required. No more than six years should have elapsed between the award of a Ph.D. (or equivalent) for each such young researcher and the date of submission of the short proposal.*

For further information on eligibility criteria and other aspects of this call, please visit the FET-Open FAQ section.

Indicative budget

EUR 8 million. This is an indicative budget which is expected to be committed for successful proposals from the cut-off dates of 25/09/2012 up to and including 15/04/2013 (batches 14 and 15).


* Proof must be submitted at step 2 of the evaluation, together with the full proposal. Extensions of this period may be allowed only in case of eligible career breaks which must be properly documented: maternity (18 months per child born after the PhD award) and paternity leave (accumulation of actual time off for children born after the PhD award) and leave taken for long-term illness, national service.