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Workshop on "Towards Zero-Power ICT" (2zeroP)
23 June 2009, Brussels


In preparation of the CALL 5 , we would like to stimulate the scientific community to broaden and deepen its understanding of the objective " Towards Zero-Power ICT" (2zeroP) , by elaborating the specific research challenges and their possible solutions in an interactive workshop.

The aim of the workshop is to elaborate a shared understanding of visions and opportunities related to the 2zeroP objective and to provide a background document giving inspiration to researchers interested in engaging in this new FET research area. For this purpose speakers will be invited to present their own ideas on the research challenges, solutions and opportunities related to this area. The meeting will be open for anybody interested and ample time for discussion will be provided.

This workshop is co-organised by the FP7 NANO-ICT coordination Action and the FET Proactive unit.

CALL 5 was launched on 30 July09, DEADLINE for SUBMISSION EXTENDED to 27 October09, 17h Brussels local time
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REPORT ( 69KB) on this 2zeroP Workshop - 23June09 !!

Speakers & some of the given presentations


13:00 - Welcome by Dr. Antonio Correia ( Coordinator Nano-ICT )
and Mr Wolfgang Boch (Head of Unit EC-DG INFSO Future and Emerging Technologies Proactive Unit )
13:15 - Introduction to 2zeroP (History, Call text)
13:45 - 6 Invited Speakers on:
- Challenges
- possible Solutions
- envisaged Applications of 2zeroP
14:55 - Coffee break
15:10 - 4 Invited Speakers to address:
- Challenges
- possible Solutions
- envisaged Applications of 2zeroP
16:00 - General discussion
17:30 - First Summary
17:45 - Closing session
18:00 - End of meeting


Conference Centre "Albert Borschette" ( 91KB) ,
Rue Froissart 36, B-1049 Brussels, Room 3C

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