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FP7: FET Proactive Intiative: Towards Zero-Power ICT (2zeroP)


  • 3 selected projects have started
  • See also the related Coordination Action ZEROPOWER

WHAT IS "Towards Zero-Power ICT"?

FET proactive initiative: Towards Zero-Power ICT

Extract from ICT Work programme 2009-2010 - Objective ICT-2009 8.6 – Call 5)

New disruptive directions are needed for energy-harvesting technologies at the nanometre and molecular scale, and their integration with low-power ICT into autonomous nano-scale devices for sensing, processing, actuating and communication.

Target outcome
a) Foundations of Energy Harvesting at the nano-scale: Demonstration of radically new strategies for energy harvesting and local storage below the micrometer scale. Exploration and harnessing of potential energy sources at that scale including kinetic energy present in the form of random fluctuations, ambient electromagnetic radiation, chemical energy and others. Research may also address bio-mimicked energy collection and storage systems.

b) Self-powered autonomous nano-scale electronic devices: Autonomous nano scale electronic devices that harvest energy from the environment, possibly combining multiple sources, and store it locally. These systems would co-ordinate low-power sensing, processing, actuation, communication and energy provision into autonomous wireless nanosystems.

Expected impact
- Possibility of building autonomous nano-scale devices (from sensor to actuators), extending the miniaturisation of autonomous devices beyond the level of the 'smart dust
- New applications in a vast number of ICT fields such as intelligent distributed sensing, for health, safety-critical systems or environment monitoring

Funding Schemes : STREP

CALL 5 was launched : on 30 July 2009, CLOSED on 27 October 09, 17h Brussels local time
Information about and links to "Guide for Applicants"

Leaflet 2zeroP
Leaflet ( 300KB) with Extract of the ICT Work programme 2009-2010, Objective ICT-2009 8.6 – Call 5 - Towards Zero-Power ICT


  • GREEN SILICON - Generate Renewable Energy Efficiently using Nanofabricated Silicon
  • NANOPOWER - Nanoscale energy management for powering ICT devices
  • SINAPS - Seminconducting Nanowire Platform for Autonomous Sensors


  • Call launched: 30 July 2009
  • Start of projects : 1 August 2010