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Molecular Scale Devices and Systems (ÅMOL-IT)





Objective ICT-2009 8.7: FET proactive 7: Molecular Scale Devices and Systems (Extract from Work programme text)

The research addresses devices to represent, store, process and exchange information at the atomic and molecular scale, as a basis for fully functional ICT devices and systems. These devices and systems should rely on
new scalable concepts and architectures enabled by atomic precision and control, exploit intrinsic properties of atoms and molecules, realize their interconnection, interface them to the mesoscopic world and ultimately have an impact on future information processing systems.

Target outcome

a. Investigation, development and demonstration of physical implementations, both at the singlemolecule level and with small assemblies of concatenated, interconnected molecules, with the aim of achieving proofs of concept and demonstrating working devices or systems such as molecular computation, single molecular memories, moleculebased sensors, and scalable, functional arrays of
b. Exploration, design and development of s upporting technologies for molecular-scale information devices and systems such as:
a) Measurement and control systems, including atomic and molecular references and precision sensors and procedures to preserve data and operation integrity at design and system level, and
b) Simulation and modelling tools, including hierarchical modelling (from ab initio and single device to system level).
c. Exploration and demonstration of radically new characteristics and functionality of molecularscale systems by investigating new non-charge based information processing techniques, devices, architectures, self-assembly, programming, supported by experimental implementations.

Intigrated Projeces should cover at least two of the above topics and present a long-term vision towards future applied RTD.

Expected impact

  • Opening of new avenues and exploration of new possibilities in ICT devices and technologies at the molecular scale
  • Experimental demonstration of principle and feasibility of such devices
  • New perspectives on potential applications with concrete advantages (e.g. energy consumption, data and operation integrity, speed…).

Funding Schemes: IP and STREP
All practical info: Specific FET Proactive guides for applicants – Electronic Proposal Submission service etc

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  • Call launched: 24 November 2009
  • Deadline for submission of proposals: 13 April 2009
  • Start of projects : January 2010