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Atomic and Molecular Scale Devices and Systems (ÅMOL-SDS)



Objective ICT-2013-10: FET proactive : Atomic and Molecular Scale Devices and Systems (ÅMOL-SDS)

(Extract from Work programme text)

The research targets the physical access and greater understanding of the behaviour of a single atom or molecule, or small ensembles thereof, as elementary functional resources for future ICT systems. Aspects such as new forms of atomic scale constructs and fabrication processes, control, sensing and picometer interconnection precision of components are addressed in this objective.

Target outcome

  • Investigation, Design, and Demonstration of ICT functionality, at the atomic and molecular scale, through various physical implementations. Working components and systems relying on robust atomic scale fabrication technologies should be targeted.
  • Investigation, Design, and Development of metrology and control systems at the atomic scale for molecular references or precision sensors or procedures to preserve operation integrity.
  • Design and Development of simulation and hierarchical modelling tools (from ab initio to large atomic scale systems, and single device to circuit and system level), taking account time dependencies to explore the response time of the proposed architecture.
  • Investigation, Design and Demonstration of the embedding and interfacing of atomic and molecular scale components with a mesoscopic technological and material environment, considering charge and non-charge transport, physical nano-connectivity and atomic-scale mechanical response.

Integrated Projects should cover at least topics a), c), and d). STREPs should cover at least two of the above topics.

Expected impact
  • Opening of disruptive avenues and exploration of new possibilities for components and technologies at the atomic and molecular scale
  • Experimental demonstration of principle, tangible realization, and feasibility of such components and systems
  • New perspectives on potential applications with concrete advantages (e.g. energy consumption, data and operation integrity, clock frequency,

Funding Schemes: IP and STREP

Indicative budget: EUR 16 million

Short extract ICT-FET in the FP7 Work Programme 2013 ( 590KB ), including the specific "FET eligibility and evaluation criteria".




  • Call launched: 15 July 2012
  • Deadline for submission of proposals: 15 January 2013
  • Start of projects: Autumn 2013


FET consultation workshop on "Atomic & Molecular Scale Devices and Systems & Bio-Chemistry Based Information Systems" report ( 194KB )
report including written contributions ( 726KB )
22-23 October 2009, Brussels



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