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FP7: FET Proactive Intiative: Bio-chemistry based Informatoin Technology(CHEM-IT)



FET proactive initiative: Bio-chemistry-based Information Technology (Extract from Work programme 2009-2010: Objective 2009.8.3 - Call 4)

The research will aim at realising programmable information chemistry by revolutionising the means to very precisely direct, control and analyse the chemical processes in sophisticated bio-inspired chemical systems in order to exploit the information processing capabilities of such systems. In addition, the research should aim at implementing evolution and self-organisation into these systems. This could imply the need to control, synthesise, analyse, adapt and/or proliferate chemical (sub-)systems.

Target outcome:

Foundations for a radically new kind of information processing technology inspired by chemical processes in living systems. This technology will exploit the information handling capabilities of such systems, as well as their ability to rapidly adapt/evolve and flexibly reconfigure in response to changing conditions by avoiding the constraints separating information handling from processes that create or reconfigure the physical system. Projects are expected to experimentally demonstrate in a physical imple¬mentation major steps towards the realisation of such advanced information processing systems. In addition, proposals should express a clear vision on the potential implementation and impact of the proposed concept in the field of information processing.

Expected impact:

  • Enable the development of ICT systems and devices that utilize interactions between components to assemble complex functional information processing materials
  • Enable a new generation of systems capable of interfacing with conventional IT systems that are self-replicating, self-repairing and/or capable of rapid adaptation/evolution as well as flexible reconfiguration in response to changing conditions

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Timetable Call 4

  • Call launched:19 November 2008
  • Deadline for submission of pre-proposals : 11 March 2009
  • Deadline for submission of proposals : 01 April 2009
  • Tentative: Evaluation: May - June 2009
  • Tentative: Negotiations: Autumn 2009
  • Tentative: Start of projects : Dec 2009 - Jan-Febr 2010