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Special Initiative: Creative ICT



The initiative on “Creative ICT” is coordinated as part of the “Creativity” activity, in Objective ICT-2013.8.1 target c)

Objective ICT-2013.8.1 Technologies and scientific foundations in the field of creativity (Extract from Work programme text)

For more information about targets a) Creative experience tools, and b) Intelligent computational environments stimulating and enhancing human creativity, please consult the Creativity unit website.

Target outcome

Research under this objective will address creativity and the tools and environments in which it takes place. Research activities will contribute to equipping different industries with more effective creative tools, expand the potential of technology in the human creative processes and advance the scientific understanding of creativity, thus providing the basis for future innovative technologies. This will be complemented by support activities that promote ways of closer interaction and networking within and between different segments of creative industries.

Target c) Progress towards formal understanding of creativity with a view to advancing the measurable capability of computers to produce results assessed by humans as useful, original and surprising. Proposals should contribute to technological and theoretical insights on creativity, incorporating progress in relevant areas such as AI, psychology, sociology, neuroscience and cognitive science. Proposals should demonstrate how the theoretical insights gained in the project will contribute to the understanding of human creativity. Technological advances should be validated as proofs of concept in innovative autonomous creative systems aiming to rise above the level of pastiche (mimicry).


  • Deeper scientific understanding of creativity, fostering the synergy between understanding and enhancing human creativity, and new technologies for autonomous creative systems.

Funding Scheme: STREP (target c)

Indicative budget: EUR 10 million (target c)



  • Call open: 10 July 2012
  • Deadline for submission of proposals: 15 January 2013 (17h Brussels local time)
  • Start of projects: Autumn 2013



FET consultation workshop on "Creativity and ICT" report ( 500KB ) - 28 November 2011, Brussels
with written contributions ( 1367KB )


Walter VAN DE VELDE (email removed)