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The FET scheme as part of the DG INFSO ICT programme is in the process of setting up the FET Flagship Initiatives, as laid down in the communication 'Moving the ICT frontiers’ (   1500KB) and endorsed by the conclusions of the COMP Council of 3/4 December 2009. As one of the key actions, this communication envisages the launch of at least 2 of these initiatives by 2013.

FET Flagship Initiatives are proposed to be visionary, science and goal-driven large-scale European ICT research initiatives nucleated from FET but cascading into various scientific and technological areas of different maturity, from long term to more technology driven research. Built on established strengths of European research, FET Flagships are envisioned as long term initiatives, each on a budget of around 100 M€ Euros per year. For a more detailed description on the concept and some initial candidate topics of these initiatives, please refer to the ISTAG report on FET Flagships (   2620KB). There are 5 topic suggestions described in this report which can be regarded as initial ideas for discussion. A candidate Flagship Initiative should reach for beyond, for example, a topical research area in FET Proactive. It should embrace research challenges that can be addressed only by joining forces from FET, ICT and other parts of the European and National Research efforts, such as from the life sciences, energy, nanotechnology or capacities programmes.

Objective & guiding criteria

To collect broad input from key stakeholders like the scientific community and the science and research programme leaders, the FET programme is launching an online consultation for FET Flagship Initiatives. This is an opportunity to be part of the process in suggesting possible topics. It is advisable that in support of each candidate topic relevant R&D communities should be identifiable, and there should be backing of a joint team from different experts and/or organisations.

The candidate Flagship topics should be science and goal-driven to target a tangible outcome (thus not merely indicate an area of research) and correspond with the following guiding criteria:

  • (i) Ambition : the goal should be a breakthrough, involving major challenges in science and technology, and require a large federated effort.
  • (ii) Impact : how the topic and the coordinated effort can be expected to yield a leverage effect in terms of research, funding and economic activity. It should lead to substantial progress and major innovation in science and technology; affecting in the long run European competitiveness, industry, society, governance and sustainability.
  • (iii) Integration : to present what kind of ideas, people, infrastructures, resources and research agendas from different disciplines would need to work together toward the Flagship goal.
  • (iv) Plausibility : the different areas of research should be at appropriate level to be assembled into a roadmap with reasonable milestones. The concept should be supportable by committed scientific communities with ample capacity, and correspond with priority research agendas and policies of stakeholders.

This Consultation was closed (deadline was 19 April 2010).


FET Flagship related documentation


  • The Consultation session closed on 19 April 2010
  • 1st Consultation session closed: 13 January 2010
  • 1st Consultation opened: 10 December 2009

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Privacy Statement & Protection of personal data

Received contributions and identity of the contributors to this consultation will be published on the Internet.

It is important to read the specific privacy statement (   31KB) for information on how your personal data and contribution will be dealt with. If you don't want your coordinates (name, affiliation, country) & contribution to be published on the internet tick the appropriate box when completing the reply form.

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