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FP7: Identifying new research topics,
Assessing emerging global S&T trends in ICT for future FET Proactive initiatives



WHAT ARE Identifying new research topics,
Assessing emerging global S&T trends in ICT for future FET Proactive initiatives ?

(Extract from Work programme 2009-2010 - Objective 2009.8.10 - Call 5)

Target outcome:

a) Short duration actions (typically 6-12 Months) to organise consultations of multi-disciplinary communities to formulate novel and widely supported FET research topics, initiatives and modalities in support of foundational research that could open up radically new avenues for future ICT. Proposals should concentrate on new emerging areas of research complementing the ICT FET Proactive portfolio. They may consolidate, revisit, or widen topics elicited in earlier calls and previous consultations on the work programme, or bridge with emerging new communities established through FET Open projects. The main objective should be to identify and motivate one or more new research avenues from a global perspective, the associated fundamental challenges, and to analyse the expected impact on science, technology and society.

b) Actions that perform in-depth analyses of emerging global trends in multidisciplinary science and technology fields contributing to future ICT, in terms of assessment, measurement, risk analysis, critical mass and necessary resources.

Topics for FET Proactive Initiatives for 2011 and later calls will develop over the period and could be inspired by those highlighted in the introduction to FET Proactive under the heading 'Candidate topics for calls in 2011 and beyond '.

Expected impact:

  • Novel widely supported and well motivated research topics to be considered as inputs for future work programmes in ICT, with an estimate of the effort required and a clear description of the expected impact.
  • Increased motivation of research communities to embrace new directions of multidisciplinary exploration around ICT
  • Early identification and increased awareness of new trends emerging on a global scale in support of future proactive initiatives

Funding schemes


Indicative budget

0,5 M€ at each call


ICT call 4, ICT call 5 , ICT call 6



  • Call launched: 24 November 2009
  • Deadline for submission of proposals :13 April 2009
  • Evaluation: Winter 2009-2010
  • Negotiations: Spring 2010
  • Start of projects : Summer/Autumn 2010