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    • FET Flagships in the media - May 2011
    • f et 11 Conference: Watch the recorded plenary sessions
    • Neelie KROES, EC Vice-President in charge of Digital Agenda attended the ICT FET 2011 Conference in Budapest 4 May 2011, and launched the 6 Flagship Pilots - Watch the video
    • BBC Click video recorded at FET11: BC Click made a report on this unique conference on visionary, high-risk and long-term research in information science and technology.
    • FET Project ATMOL press release (18/11/2010)
      Singapore’s A*STAR and FP7 ICT FET Research project "ATMOL" to jointly create a processor the size of a molecule.
      ATMOL is the flagship project coming out of the recent Call for Proposals on " Molecular Scale Devices and Systems ", launched by the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET-Proactive) part of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) programme of the European Commission. FET-Proactive supports transformational, long-term collaborative frontier research in Europe, with a view to develop scientific excellence and technological innovation.
    • Financial Times article " Computers set for quantum leap " (By Clive Cookson in Birmingham - autumn 2010)
      "A new photonic chip that works on light rather than electricity has been built by an international research team, paving the way for the production of ultra-fast quantum computers with capabilities far beyond today’s devices........."
    • " Predictive modelling for better understanding of cardiovascular disease: the case of In-stent Restenosis " ( ) by COAST (Complex Automata Simulation Technique), European Union FP6 FET Complex Systems funded project
    • Prof. Ioannis Antoniou was awarded the Prigogine 2008 award for his contribution to the theory of chaos, as it was first developed by Prigorine in the early 70s. A student of Prigogine himself for 24 years, Antoniou's contribution offers the mathematical formula for the Prigorine theory to be applied to fields such as optical tomography, electrocardiograms, 3D display, nanotechnology, etc. The 2008 prize was presented at The Sustainable City 2008 conference in Greece (Dec2008). Prof Antoniou was involved in several FP5 FET projects such as : TDIS (Three-Dimensional Imaging System Based on Integral Photography for Precise Simulation of 3D Perception and Enhancement of the Telepresence Effect) IMCOMP (IMMUCOCOMOPUTING), SQID (Semidonductor-based implementation of quantum information devices).
    • Press release: Science beyond fiction : Focusing on the detection and emergence mechanisms of collective emotions in Internet communities and their role for the emotional climate in society: Cybermotions ; project of the FP7 FET Proactive initiative on Science of Complex Systems for Socially Intelligent ICT (COSI-ICT)
    • Read the "PERADA" magazine . The Coordination action of the FET Proactive Initiative on Pervasive Adaptation ( PERADA ) launched a first online magazine (Oct2008).
    • The Isaac Newton medal of the Institute of Physics -2008 for outstanding contributions to physics has been awarded to Professor Anton Zeilinger, for his pioneering conceptual and experimental contributions to the foundations of quantum physics, which have become the cornerstone for the rapidly-evolving field of quantum information. Prof. Zeilinger is a partner in the FET QIPC projects: QUROPE and QAP .
    • Study on the Worldwide State-of-the-Art in Brain-Computer Interfaces: NSF and other agencies of the US government commissioned a stock-taking study on the worldwide status of R&D in brain-computer interfaces (BCI). The report is available at . It positions European BCI research in the global scene, quoting several projects funded by the ICT programme, in particular FET. The study also discusses the strengths of the European cooperative research model with respect those applied in other funding schemes.
    • COGNIRON, an FP6 integrated project from the F ET Beyond Robotics initiative has finished. One of its results, a robot learning tasks and skills is demonstrated in two videos:
      - Short version
      - Long version
    • IST FP5 project "COSIN" published a book : Complex Systems and Interdisciplinary Science - Vol. 2 : LARGE SCALE STRUCTURE AND DYNAMICS OF COMPLEX NETWORKS; From Information Technology to Finance and Natural Science.
      Edited by Guido Caldarelli (University of Rome "La Sapienze", Italy) & Alessandro Vespignani (Indiana University, USA)
    • IST FP5 FET Project " LEURRE " in Science magazine: "Social Integration of Robots into Groups of Cockroaches to ControlSelf-Organized Choices" (J. Halloy)
      Listen to the related interview - SCIENCE podcast 16Nov07 .
      Read online about "LEURRE" in other media ( ) (Nature, National Geographic, TIME, NPR, Newsweek, Le Monde, MSNBC, BBC, SPIEGEL, La Derniere Heure, Tribune de Génève, Worldradio Switzerland, 24 Heures, Le temps)
      The advendture of working on an EU-funded IST-FET projects (FP5) "CINQ" and (FP6) "IQ" completely changed my professional life," says Prof. JF Boulicaut from the INSA in Lyon (Fr).
    • FET 'Complexity project' ECAGENTS in the news: 'How communication appears and evolves in societies of robots'
      - Paper - comments New Scientist - comments new telegraph - comments science now - comments Heise Forum online

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