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Shaping Future FET Proactive Initiatives


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  • This page contains also the INVIDIDUAL REPORTS from a number of consultations on potential Future FET Proactive Initiatives to become part of the Workprogramme 2009-2010 and beyond.
  • To help shape the work programme for 2009-2010, the Commission has launched a series of brainstorming events with high-level scientists from relevant fields. Two meetings, " Shaping FET Proactive Initiatives ," held in Brussels 20-21 Sept.07 and 22-23 Nov.07 were a more wide-ranging effort to consult scientific communities, in particular those linked primarily to earlier FET proactive initiatives, on possible directions for future initiatives. These were complemented by a number of consultations on specific topics. More of such consultations will follow.
  • Participants were invited to share their views and support the Commission identify strategic areas, especially those going beyond traditional lines of research and presenting novel opportunities for collaboration with other scientific communities. In more specific terms, participants were asked to suggest areas that could be the basis for proactive initiatives in 2009, 2010 and 2011, bearing in mind that three themes had already been identified in broad terms for the Workprogramme 2009-2010 ( Massive ICT Systems (MASS-ICT) , Human Computer Confluence (HC-CO)  & QIPC and entanglement-enabled quantum technolgoies (QIPC+EQT) ).

 Individual consultation reports :