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Future Internet Research & Experimentation


FP7 ICT Calls

FIRE in Call 10 (excerpts - p. 25-28)

Objective 1.7 (FIRE) fields of activities:

  • (a) FIRE Facilities : to support new facilities in areas not yet covered by existing ones, or to extend existing facilities (two IPs, min 8M €).
  • (b) Experimentally-driven Research : to conduct multi-disciplinary investigation in key techno-social issues (Internet Science), exploiting any relevant FIRE facilities, considering also benefits for citizens, ethical and sustainability aspects. (STREPs, min 8M €).
  • (c) Coordination and Support Actions : to promote sharing of best practices, solutions, applications and services; to facilitate coordination of European and National Future Internet Initiatives to facilitate their coordination and integration (CSAs, up to 0.5M €)
  • International Cooperation :
    • (d) EU-South Africa cooperation on Future Internet experimental research and testbed interconnection (STREP, up to 1M €)
    • (e) EU-China cooperation on Future Internet experimental research and IPv6 (CSA, up to 0.5M €)
    • (f) EU-South Korea cooperation on Future Internet experimental research (STREP, up to 0.5M €)


Publication Date: 10 July 2012
Deadline: 15 January 2013 at 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)

Coordinated Calls (excerpts - p. 98-104)

Objective ICT-2013.10.2 EU-Brazil research and development Cooperation - fields of activities:

  • (a) Cloud Computing for Science
  • (b) Sustainable technologies for a Smarter Society
  • (c) Smart services and applications for a Smarter Society - designing, building and deploying interoperable infrastructures, open platforms and scalable solutions exploiting new trends in Future Internet experimentation and open data; develop smart, open experimental platforms to enhance the quality-of-experience of urban living (in terms namely of citizen involvement, inclusion, sustainable lifestyles, etc.); support the deployment of interoperable wireless infrastructures exploiting new trends on Future Internet and open data (namely from sensors and social networks) to create context-aware services and applications of relevance to citizens in areas such as directing and informing large crowds, emergency and crisis management, smart mobility, energy efficiency, etc., especially on the occasion of large-scale events.
  • (d) Hybrid broadcast-broadband TV applications and services

Publication Date: 12 September 2012
Deadline EXTENDED : 7 February 2013 at 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)

-- see also: FIRE Thematic pre-FIA Workshop: EU-Brazil cooperation in ICT, 9 May, Aalborg, DK

Service Contracts

Study on European Internet Traffic: Monitoring Tools and Analysis - SMART 2012/0046

Study on social innovation in Digital Agenda - SMART 2012/0049

FP7 ICT Calls (Closed)

Coordinated Calls (excerpts - p. 98-104)

Objective ICT-2013.10.1 EU-Japan research and development Cooperation - fields of activities:

  • (a) Optical Communications
  • (b) Wireless Communications
  • (c) Cybersecurity for improved resilience against cyber threats
  • (d) Extending the cloud paradigm to the Internet-of-Things - Connected objects and sensor clouds within the service perspective
  • (e) Global scale experiments over federated testbeds: Control, tools and applications - to enable experiments across testbeds as a framework for understanding the management of heterogeneous resources, the access to these resources and the evaluation of their usage; focus on software defined networking (SDN); the activity should produce a demonstration of the relevance of the proposed solutions in a heterogeneous environment.
  • (f) Green & content centric networks

Publication Date: 2 October 2012
CLOSED : 29 November 2012 at 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)

FIRE in Call 8

Objective 1.6 (FIRE) fields of activities:

  • FIRE Federation : implementing an open demand-driven high level federation framework for all FIRE prototype facilities making the facility self-sustainable towards 2015 (one IP, budget 8M €).
  • FIRE Experimentation : Experimentally-driven visionary research in the broad field of the Future Internet making innovative usage of one or more of the existing FIRE facility prototypes (STREPs, budget 15M €).
  • Coordination and Support Actions : EU-wide co-operation with related EU-level and Member States and associated countries activities, international cooperation, co-opersation on standardization, socio-economic requirement gathering, awareness creation (CSAs, budget 2M €)

Information package here

Work Programme 2011/12

FIRE Facilities Calls for Experiments (Closed)

Project CREW - 2 nd open call for experiments (closed 3 October 2012)

Project EXPERIMEDIA - 1 st open call for experiments (closed 1 August 2012)

Project BonFIRE - 2 nd open call for experiments and a new Cloud infrastructure provider (closed 7 March 2012)



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