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Contract Notice - Services

Study on European Internet traffic: monitoring tools and analysis - SMART 2012/0046

2012/S 133-220198 - 13/07/2012

Short description of nature and quantity or value of supplies or services

  1. Collection and analysis of appropriate European Internet traffic data from existing sources for:
    • long-term/offline purposes e.g. planning of EU backbones/infrastructures, research and innovation priorities,etc.
    • short-term/online purposes e.g. early warning system for cyber attacks, prioritisation of traffic in case ofemergency, etc.
  2. Gap analysis for monitoring tools and methods:
    • What tools exist to effectively monitor European Internet traffic?
    • What do we miss and what do we need more?
    • What broadly accepted metrics should be defined?
    • What monitoring is necessary for public Interest uses beyond commercial purposes?
    • What monitoring facilities areexisting/needed and what sort of federated monitoring models can be applied in Europe?
    • What 'telescopes' and'microscopes' we need for the Internet in Europe?

- Maximum Value: 400.000 €
- Deadline for receipt of tenders/requests: 7 September 2012
- Contact for all requests:

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