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Open Consultation on "FIRE in Horizon 2020"

In preparation of Horizon 2020, there is a need to address the objectives, the scope and the approach in what refers to Research and Experimentation and its role in the Future Internet. The overall objective of this new phase of FIRE is to build a world-class, versatile, integrated and sustainable experimental infrastructure in Europe, open to all interested parties and able to evolve in response to technological developments and novel usage.

The Open Consultation on FIRE in Horizon 2020 closed on 17 September 2012.


Consultation Workshop

A Consultation Workshop took place on 21 September 2012 in Brussels , to endorse a common position and identify concrete objectives, mechanisms and expected impact.

What is next in FIRE?

The next phase of FIRE will be focused on a more encompassing, multi-technology, multi-disciplinary approach to network-based experimentation. A greater emphasis will be given to:

  • on-demand experimentation , going beyond the mere federation of facilities
  • and advanced network experimentation .

It involves an extension of network experimentation to non-networking elements, i.e., extending into real-world objects .

As experimental facilities around specific areas of research are built, tested, improved and eventually come online, the next step is to make them available to a wider community as experimental playground for researchers, developers and users alike. The aim is to progressively build a strategic infrastructure of shared experimental facilities and platforms, at the service of the European economy at large.

  1. Developing and extending Experimental Facilities for Network Research - making technologies work in the real world, towards large-scale deployment
  2. Advanced Network Experimentation - building upon, and improving, next-generation networks
  3. Experimentation-as-a-Service - beyond facility federation
  4. Building a strategic European Experimental Infrastructure - providing open access to shared, advanced experimental platforms

Given the global nature of network experimentation, International Cooperation is essential. A number of initiatives around the world are relevant, namely GENI and CPS in the US, NWHN in Japan, and similar initiatives in Canada, China and South Korea.


We will publish here the contributions submitted with the indication to be shared.


[NK] Two ideas/questions:

1- How could we increase the interactions/exchange between the FIRE facilities and other EU projects, such that those facilities are [dully re]used?

2- How could we improve the user experience when experimenting on the FIRE facilities? Sould we adopt a (quasi-) common experimentation methodology across the various (federated) [facilities]?



Taking into account Digital Agenda for Europe [...] it is needed to develop ICT (technology and services) for rural and remote or otherwise communication challenged areas. (Due to geographical or nature preservation or economic reasons it is not possible to simply take the »urban« solutions and use them in rural areas. If people living in rural areas are left behind, this may lead to »second class citizens« at least in ICT aspects.)

We propose to develop a concept of SMART VILLAGES that would fill this gap.


Contributions from the FIRE Architecture Board

Position Paper and Annex

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