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The Community Research and Development Information Service - CORDIS
Information & Communication Technologies

Network Technologies: Connecting the Digital Society


European Commission

Communications Networks, Content and Technology Directorate General (DG CONNECT)
Avenue de Beaulieu 25 - B-1049 Brussels
The phone number to dial from outside Belgium to reach a staff member is +32.2.29 XXXXX (where ' XXXXX ' is the 5-digit phone extension provided below)
Network Technologies Unit email - Network Technologies


How to reach the Communications Networks, Content and Technology Directorate-General's (DG CONNECT) premises?


Hotels near the Beaulieu area and useful tips
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Network Technologies Unit - Who we are?


Thibaut Kleiner - Head of Unit - Tel: 96502
Bernard Barani - Deputy Head of Unit - Tel: 69616

Project Officers

Petronela Burceag
Jorge Carvalho
Manuel Carvalhosa
Rémy Bayou
Pavlos Fournogerakis
Peter Friess
Eric Gaudillat
Francisco Ibanez
Pertti Jauhiainen
Georgios Kaiafas
Philippe Lefèbvre
Ruediger Martin
Guadalupe Muñoz
Ari Sorsaniemi


Jennifer Vandiest - Assistant to the Head of Unit
Caroline Limon - Assistant to B. Barani, P. Lefèbvre, P. Friess, G. Kaiafas
Irena Yonkova - Assistant to P. Jauhiainen, P. Burceag, A. Sorsaniemi, F. Ibanez, E. Gaudillat, M. Carvalhosa - Tel: 91314
Helena Clark - Assistant to J. Carvalho, R. Bayou, P. Fournogerakis, R. Martin, G. Munoz - Tel: 68731

Contract and Administration

Alberto Ferreira De Matos
Maria Elena Ayala Arellano
Patrice Grosjean
Martha Stas
Kalliopi Doutsis
Gabriel Pineda-Martinez
Salvatore Santamaria

Communication Officer

Sylvie Woelffle