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The Community Research and Development Information Service - CORDIS
Information & Communication Technologies

EU-Japan Workshop on R&D Co-operation in the field of Netwo rked Technolog ies & Systems

Date: 18 April 2013

Venue: Marivaux Hotel Congress & Seminar Centre - Boulevard Adolphe Maxlaan 98 - 1000 Bruxelles/Brussel -


Registration is compulsory prior to the workshop. Please register by sending an e-mail to caroline.limon[at]

Context and Objectives

The first phase EU-Japan collaborative projects with co-funding scheme between EC and MIC/NICT has been initiated. The objectives of this workshop is to identify future collaborative research items of mutual interests and to identify a limited set of common objectives to set up a partnership under their respective R&D strategies for EU and Japan .

Tentative Agenda

8:15 – 9:00 Registration

9:00 –9:30 Opening Remarks

  • JAPAN: Mr. Manabu Miyagawa, Minister for the Economic Section at the Japanese Mission to the EU: Expectations of joint research in upcoming policy context.
  • European Commission: Dr. Zoran Stančič, Deputy Director General, European Commission, CONNECT Directorate-General: H2020, International co-operation aspects.

Stream A: Technology supporting new Business and Societal infrastructure

9:30 – 13:00 (including 30 mn coffee break)

Japan Moderator Masayoshi Ohashi, ATR
EU Moderator: Maria Tsakali, EC

Focus/Rationale: The session concentrates on technologies to enable efficient gathering, processing (clouds, including in heterogeneous set ups) and transmission of information for supporting new Business and Societal infrastructure by ICT as typified by applications based on Big Data. For example, technological focus is on information gathering (e.g. IoT), processing and transmitting technologies which synchronize with cloud environment within high efficiency and low energy consumption requirements

EU speakers :
- Alfred Geiger  (T-systems)
- Dora Varvarigou   (NTUA)
- Josep Martrat   (ATOS)
- Alessandro Bassi   (IoT-A Technical Coordinator)
- Tatu Koljonen   (VTT)

JP speakers
- Shoichi Masui   (Fujitsu)
- Tsukasa Ogasawara   ( NAIST)
- Takahiro Miyashita   (ATR)

JP Responsible: Jun INOUE / Yasuo SHINOZAWA, MIC

EU Responsible: Maria TSAKALI/ Peter FRIESS, EC

Stream B: Technology for high density local networks

9:30 – 1 3: 00 (including 30 mn coffee break)

Japan Moderator: Tetsuya Kawanishi, NICT
EU Moderator: Pertti Jauhiainen, EC

Focus/Rationale: The session concentrates on technologies and system approaches to realise high speed/high capacity dense local networks, as may be encountered in trains, airplanes, or very high density locations like train stations. Technological focus is on radio and micro/millimetre wave links.

EU speakers :
- Emilio Calvanese Strinati   (CEA-LETI)
- Erik Fledderus   (TNO)
- Nathan Gomes   (University of Kent)

JP speakers :
- Tetsuya Kawanishi  (NICT)
- Naruto Yonemoto  (ENRI)
- Nobuhiko Shibagaki  (Hitachi)
- Toshiaki Kuri  (NICT)

JP Responsible: Tetsuya KAWANISHI, NICT

EU Responsible: Pertti JAUHIAINEN, EC

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch, Networking

Stream C : Development and Experimentation on federated EU and Japan Testbed

1 4:00 – 1 7: 30 (including 30 mn coffee break)

Japan Moderator: Nozumu Nishinaga, NICT
EU Moderator: Jacques Babot, EC

Focus/Rationale: The session concentrates on technologies and system approaches to support global experiments and demonstrations collaboration with EU and Japan and hence addresses interoperability. Expected benefits include i) fostering common approaches towards experiments; ii) fostering interoperable technologies for realizing smart ICT services; iii) moving towards SDN worldwide test beds

EU speakers :
- Serge Fdida   (UPMC, Université Pierre et Marie Curie), OPEN LAB project
- Hagen Woesner   (EICT), OFELIA Project
- Sotiris Nikoletseas   (CTI), HOBNET Project
- Luis Muñoz   (University of Cantabria), Smart Santander project
- Sebastien Ziegler   (Mandat International), IoT6, Ear-IT project

JP speakers (5) :
- Eiji Kawai   (NICT)
- Yuuichi Teranishi   (NICT)
- Doowan Lee   (University of Tokyo)
- Tokuo Yamaguchi   (OKI Electric Industry Co.)
- Yoshiyuki Ohkubo/Kohtaro Matsumuro   (Panasonic Mobile Communications Co.)

JP Responsible: Nozomu NISINAGA, NICT
EU Responsible: Jacques BABOT, EC


Stream D: Technology for realizing high-speed and large-capacity broadband Network

1 4:00 – 1 7: 30 (including 30 mn coffee break)

Japan Moderator: Masahito Tomizawa , NTT Network Innovation Laboratories
EU Moderator: Thierry Boulangé, EC

Focus/Rationale: The session concentrates on optical networks as key enablers of high-speed and large capacity networks, and management of networks. It includes technologies of optical transmitter and receiver to enable low power consumption and high-efficiency, technologies of control and management for optical networks, and associated technologies, aiming at addressing the need to have more dynamic and flexible networks. .

EU speakers :
- Dimitra Simeonidou  , University of Bristol (CaON Cluster Chair)
- Michael Roth  , ADVA, ONE project
- Juan Fernandez-Palacios  , Telefonica I+D
- Josep Prat  , Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

JP speakers
- Jens Rasmussen (Fujitsu)
- Shigeru Nakagawa  (IBM Research)
- Takeshi Konishi  (Osaka University)

JP Responsible: Jun Inoue / Yasuo SHINOZAWA, MIC
EU Responsible : Thierry BOULANGE, EC

17:30 - 18:00 Networking

1 8 :00 – 1 8 : 3 0 Conclusions and Wrap up

Reporting by session co-chairs about joint priority interests and focus