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Funding schemes 

"Funding schemes" are the types of projects by which FP7 is implemented.
These are the following:

Collaborative projects (CP)

Role: support to research projects carried out by consortia with participants from different countries, aiming at developing new knowledge, new technology, products, demonstration activities or common resources for research.

Type of collaborative projects: 
- IP : Large scale integrating collaborative projects are objective-driven research projects, which aim at generating new knowledge, including new technology, or common resources for research in order to improve European competitiveness, or to address major societal needs.
- STREP : Specific Targeted Research Projects are multipartner research, demonstration or innovation projects. Their purpose is to support activities of a more limited scope and ambition than IPs.

Both instruments play an important and complementary role. 

Network of Excellence (NoE)

Role: support the long-term durable integration of research resources and capacities (researchers, services, teams, organisations, institutions) in fields of strategic importance for European research, through the establishment of a single virtual centre of research.  

Coordination and Support Action (CSA)

Role: support to activities aimed at coordinating or supporting research activities and policies (networking, exchanges, trans-national access to research infrastructures, studies, conferences, etc).

Type of coordination and support action projects:
-Coordination or networking actions (CA)
-Specific support actions (SA)