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June 2013

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Dear colleagues,

This year's
Future Network&Mobile Summit is only a month away! The 22nd edition will be set in Lisbon , on July 3-5 , inviting delegates from industry and academia to share research results and explore international collaboration opportunities.

The Call 8 projects developing new technology for beyond 4G and 5G wireless communications were highlighted at the World Mobile Summit in Barcelona earlier this February.  Call 11 also aims at continuing such efforts, easing the path to Horizon2020 .

Arguably the largest ICT event in Europe, ICT 2013 in Vilnius will hold an exhibition open to all projects wishing to showcase their research, ICT products or innovative creations. They are strongly encouraged to submit their application by June 7th .

Last, but not least, you can follow us on Twitter : @NetTechEU and on our Digital Agenda for Europe website for the latest news and updates.

Best regards,

Luis Rodríguez-Roselló
Head of Unit Network Technologies

R&D Success Stories: Follow our leads!

••• PURSUIT wins the Future Internet Award at
FIA Dublin 2013

project received the Future Internet Award for its outstanding contribution to redefining the existing Internet design in order to ensure users' stronger control over their data while enhancing broadband connections. Read more in the DAE newsroom .

You can also read our PURSUIT success story in the
Net-Tech Future Magazine . For more stories go to our main page :

••• DISCUS All-optical broadband...cheaper, faster and greener
EURO-NF The network of the future, beyond theory
••• BEFEMTO A boost to your mobile signal
••• ARTIST 4G Advanced radio technologies for fairer 4G communications

In focus

  FuNeMS 2013 - Lisbon, 3-5 July

One month to go to the Future Network&Mobile Summit - FuNeMS2013 in Lisbon! Don't forget to register and have a look at the updated programme. This year's panel sessions include:

  Towards Virtualised Networks
  Optical Networking: Enabler for the Future Converged Networks
  Public Safety Future Networks: Industry and Stakeholder Views on Emerging Technologies, Standardisation Status and Regulatory Issues

Supported by the European Commission and the Net!Works European Technology Platform , Future Network and MobileSummit integrates high-level industry/policy plenary sessions that discuss strategic issues for Future Networks with high quality technical/scientific tracks and workshop sessions.

 Europe aims to reclaim global leadership in developing the next generation of telecommunications. The first steps include funding for research projects building up beyond 4G and 5G wireless technologies , with 5G deployment expected by 2020. Moreover, the EU Commission recently invited industry to join a new Public-Private Partnership (PPP) on “Horizon 2020 Advanced 5G Network Infrastructure for Future Internet PPP” . The formal proposal will be discussed after May 30th, following a public consultation focusing on the document's technical side. A proposal draft can be downloaded here

In Brief

••• The 2013 Future Internet Assembly held

in Dublin on 8-10 May reached the highest attendance so far - 600 participants from Europe and overseas were there to mark the 10th FIA edition. The best of FIA featured SpitFIRE for the best project demonstration , CONVERGENCE for the best poster and “ Network operators’ perspective on Future Networks challenges ” for the best session . The exhibition area was also highly popular, showcasing outstanding research from 46 project demonstrations and 28 posters.

Save the DATE for the Future Networks 12th FP7 Concertation Meeting to be held in Brussels , 22-23 October - more details to follow on our Network Technologies Digital Agenda for Europe page.

The ICT 2013 in Vilnius , 6-8 November , welcomes industry, policy makers, researchers and students alike. Register now for what is considered the largest ICT event in Europe . You can already subscribe for the speakers' list on Twitter for a glimpse at the conference.

The event also welcomes its exhibitors ! All projects wishing to showcase their research, ICT products or innovative creations are strongly encouraged to their application by June 7th .

EU Calls& Consultations

••• 1st Fed4FIRE Competitive Call for additional Project Partners - closing 31 July 2013, 17:00 CET

••• NEM Summit Call for Papers - submissions closing June 3rd 2013


••• FIA Dublin 2013
Videoblog and presentations

In case you missed this year's Future Internet Assembly, have a look at what the
keynote speakers had to say on the event's 10th anniversary. You can also download several presentations .


•••   Spectrum Sharing: Project White Papers

••• Future Internet Assembly Book 201 3 : Validated Results and new Horizons


ULOOP Workshop: The Rise of User-Centric Wireless Networks , Villartceaux, 12 June
IEEE International Conference on Communications , Budapest, 9-13 June
Future Networks 12th FP7 Concertation Meeting , Brussels, 22-23 October

NEM Summit 2013: Implementing Future Media Internet towards New Horizons , Nantes, 28-30 October
4th ETSI M2M Workshop , Mandelieu, 5-7 November

4th Annual Internet of Things Europe conference , Brussels, 12-13 November

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