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Future Networks Projects

Around 152 projects have been launched since the beginning of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) under the " Future Networks " Objective1.1. They are supported to the amount of around € 650 million since the programme started in 2007, the highest share (12%) of the total € 9 billion EU funding dedicated to ICT. The projects are grouped into a flexible set of clusters of common interest, to develop synergies and critical mass. Three clusters address the topics of Future Internet Architectures and Network Management ( FI ) , Radio Access and Spectrum ( RAS ) , and Converged and Optical Networks ( CaON ) .

In essence, during the first quarter of 2008, 46 projects resulting from the FP7 ICT Call1 have started work in these three areas, representing an investment in research of 200 million € of EU funding . In January 2009, a second set of 24 projects resulting from the FP7 ICT Call 4 were launched in the RAS and CaON areas, representing more than 110 million € of EU investment. Between July and December 2010, a third set of 21 projects resulting from the FP7 ICT Call 5 were launched mainly in the Future Internet area, for an amount of 80 million € of EU funding. Between July and December 2012, a fourth set of 37 projects resulting from the FP7 ICT Call 8, representing € 160 million. In 2013, a fifth set of 13 projects were launched following the FP7 ICT Call 11 , representing roughly € 48.5 million. 8 projects ( € 21 million ) in the area of smart cities and 3 projects ( € 4.3 million ) in the EU-Japan cooperation area dealing with IoT and network related technologies were also launched in 2013.

The FP7 future networks research largely relates to the technological roadblocks and socio economic scenarios identified by the Net!Works (formerly eMobility), ISI and Photonics 21 European Technology Platforms (ETPs).

The projects make intensive contributions to the research , innovation and standardisation of Future Internet infrastructure , through both evolutionary and totally novel approaches. In addition to the technical aspects , the economic and social implications of the current and future networking architectures and efficient use of radio spectrum are also important. Furthermore, the Future network infrastructures should provide seamlessly end to end connectivity and access and therefore will have to support the convergence and interoperability of heterogeneous mobile/satellite and broadband network technologies.

In addition to the tables below providing a quick overview of the current FP7 Future Networks project portfolio, you may also find additional information on EU research projects of this area during FP7 and FP6 in the following publications : FP7-ICT-Call 11, EU-Japan and Smart Cities Project Portfolio , FP7-ICT-Call8-Project Portfolio FP7- ICT - Call5 Project Project Portfolio , FP7-ICT- Call4 Project Portfolio , FP7-ICT-Call1 Project Portfolio , Future Internet Technologies and Architectures , FP6-IST Projects & Cluster Results for Network & Communication Technologies

Call FP7-ICT-2013-11

Instrument Project Title Project Factsheet Project Presentation
619647 ADEL STREP Advanced Dynamic spectrum 5G mobile networks Emplying Licensed shared access 347KB  
619572 COSIGN STREP Combining Optics and SDN In next Generation data centre Networks 347KB  
619470 EuConNeCts CSA European Conferences on Networks and Communications (EuCNC) 355KB  
619732 INSPACE STREP Spatial-Spectral Flexible Optical Networking: Solutions for Efficient SDM 309KB  
619086 MAMMOET STREP MAssive MiMO for Efficient Transmission 309KB  
619563 MiWaveS STREP Beyond 2020 Heterogeneous Wireless Network with mmW Small Cells 303KB  
619543 NetIDE STREP An integrated development environment for portable network applications 504KB  
619712 PACE CSA Next Steps in Path Computation Element (PCE) Architectures 434KB  
619305 PRISTINE STREP Programmability In RINA for European supremacy of virTualised NEtworks 434KB  
619687 SOLDER STREP Spectrum Overlay through Aggregation of heterogeneous DispERsed Bands 232KB  
619520 T-NOVA STREP Network Functions as-a-Service over Virtualised Infrastructures 232KB  
619609 UNIFY IP Unifying Cloud and Carrier Networks 264KB  

Call FP7-ICT-2013-EU-JAPAN

Instrument Project Title Project Factsheet Project Presentation
608518 GreenICN STREP Architecture and Applications of Green Information Centric Networking 342KB  
608637 MiWEBA STREP Millimetre-Wave Evolution for Backhaul and Access 242KB  
608528 STRAUSS STREP Orchestration of heterogenous optical networks for Ethernet transport 205KB  


Instrument Project Title Project Factsheet Project Presentation
609081 ALMANAC STREP Reliable Smart Secure Internet of Things for Smart Cities 256KB  
609035 CityPulse STREP Real-Time IoT Stream Processing and Large-scale Data Analytics for Smart City Applications 256KB  
609043 COSMOS STREP Cultivate Resilient Smart Objects for Sustainable City Applications 272KB  
609094 RERUM STREP RELiable, Resilient and secUre Iot FOR sMart city applications 259KB  
609024 SMART-ACTION CSA Coordination Action for Smart Cities 287KB  
609062 SMARTIE STREP Secure and smarter cities data management 536KB  
609112 SOCIOTAL STREP Creating a socially aware citizen-centric Internet of Things 273KB  
608682 VITAL STREP Smart, secure and cost-effective integrated IoT deployments in smart cities 282KB  

Instrument Project Title Project Factsheet Project Presentation
216041 4WARD IP Architecture and Design for the Future Internet 509KB 360KB
318555 5GNOW STREP 5th Generation Non-Orthogonal Waveforms for Asynchronous Signalling 131KB 986KB
318632 ABSOLUTE IP Aerial Base Stations with Opportunistic Links for Unexpected & Temporary Events 177KB 122KB
248654 ACCORDANCE STREP A converged copper-optical-radio OFDMA-based access network with high capacity and flexibility 653KB 391KB
212352 ACROPOLIS STREP Advanced coexistence technologies for radio optimisation in licensed and unlicensed spectrum 479KB 577KB
212352 ALPHA IP Architectures for fLexible Photonics Home and Access networks 265KB 2.574KB
216856 ARAGORN STREP Adaptive reconfigurable access and generic interfaces in radio networks 148KB 290KB
247223 ARTIST4G IP Advanced Radio Interface Technologies for 4G Systems 431KB 444KB
216404 AUTOI STREP Autonomic Internet 172KB 348KB
317533 BATS IP Broadband Access via Integrated Terrestrial & Satellite Systems 152KB 1,03MB
248523 BeFEMTO IP Broadband Evolved FEMTO Networks 1011KB 636KB
216863 BONE NoE Building the Future Optical Network in Europe 155KB 661KB
248267 BuNGee STREP Beyond Next Generation Mobile Broadband 610KB 300KB
248577 C2POWER STREP Cognitive radio and Cooperative strategies for POWER saving in multi-standard wireless devices 397KB 790KB
248272 CARE CA Coordinating the Antenna Research in Europe 336KB 1589KB
214994 CARMEN STREP CARrier grade MEsh Networks 230KB 1.281KB
216462 C-CAST STREP Context Casting 539KB 1.347KB
258542 ceFIMS CSA Coordination of the European Future Internet Forum of Member States 658KB 124KB
257422 CHANGE STREP A Network Architecture for Innovation 627KB 719KB
216714 CHIANTI STREP Challenged Internet Access Network Technology Infrastructure 160KB 809KB
258644 CHRON STREP Cognitive techniques find its way into the Optical Networks 1,3MB 5,4MB
318515 COCONUT STREP COst-effective COhereNt Ultra-dense-WDM-PON for lambda-To-the-user access networks 149KB 826KB
215477 CODIV STREP Enhanced Wireless Communication Systems Employing Cooperative Diversity 133KB 233KB
248560 COGEU STREP COgnitive radio systems for efficient sharing of TV white spaces in EUropean context 499KB 520KB
317762 COMBO IP COnvergence of fixed and Mobile BrOadband access/aggregation networks 229KB 583,2KB
318514 CONTENT STREP Convergence of wireless Optical Network and iT rEsources iN supporT of cloud services 369KB n/a
316779 CoRaSat STREP COgnitive RAdio for SATellite Communications 175KB 479KB
318115 CROWD STREP Connectivity management for eneRgy Optimised Wireless Dense networks 928KB 660,3KB
318563 CRS-i CRS-i Cognitive Radio Standardization-initiative - From FP7 research to global standards 168KB 272KB
216203 DaVinci STREP Design And Versatile Implementation of Non-binary wireless Communications based on Innovative LDPC Codes 154KB 316KB
216338 DICONET STREP Dynamic Impairment Constraint Networking for Transparent Mesh Optical Networks 515KB 1.341KB
318137 DISCUS IP The DIStributed Core for unlimited bandwidth supply for all Users and Services 123KB 40KB
318177 DIWINE STREP Dense Cooperative Wireless Cloud Network 125KB 310KB
316369 DUPLO STREP Full-Duplex Radios for Local Access 225KB n/a
216248 E3 IP End-to-End Efficiency 635KB 1.304KB
317957 E3NETWORK STREP Energy Efficient E-band transceiver for backhaul of the future networks 221KB 971,3
247733 EARTH IP Energy Aware Radio and NeTwork TecHnologies 967KB 677KB
258454 ECONET STREP low Energy COnsumption NETworks 878KB 1,8MB
318398 eCOUSIN STREP enhanced COntent distribUtion with Social INformation 195KB 417,5KB
215549 EFIPSANS IP Exposing the Features in IP version Six protocols for designing/building Autonomic Networks and Services 1.002KB 237KB
216068 EIFFEL CSA Laying the foundation for Future Networked Society 164KB 97KB
214089 eMobility CA CSA Creating roadmaps for the European telecommunications sector 135KB 75KB

eMobility NetWorld


Net!Works ETP

CA eMobility NetWorld 671KB 1.066KB
318362 EMPhAtiC STREP Enhanced Multicarrier Techniques for Professional Ad-Hoc and Cell-Based Communications 158KB 514KB
248567 ETICS IP Economics and Technologies for Inter-Carrier Services 366KB 546KB
215462 ETNA STREP Ethernet Transport Networks, Architectures of Networking 323KB 762KB
215320 EU-MESH STREP Enhanced, Ubiquitous, and Dependable Broadband Access using MESH Networks 323KB 762KB
216366 Euro-NF NoE Euro-NF, Anticipating the Network of the Future - From Theory to Design 122KB 488KB
215669 EUWB IP EUWB - Coexisting Short Range Radio by Advanced Ultra-Wideband Radio Technology 337KB 1.176KB
258512 EXALTED IP EXpAnding LTE for Devices 808KB 2,2MB
257262 EX-FI CA Expanding the European Future Internet Community 692KB 3.783KB
258378 FIGARO STREP Future Internet Gateway-based Architecture of Residential Networks 1.4MB 3.517KB
248351 FARAMIR STREP Flexible and spectrum-Aware Radio Access through Measurements and modelling In cognitive Radio systems 574KB 1527KB
249142 FIVER STREP Fully-Converged Quintuple-Play Integrated Optical-Wireless Access Architectures 1845KB 912KB
318488 Flamingo NOE Management of the Future Internet 141KB 33,9KB
257263 FLAVIA STREP FLexible Architecture for
Virtualizable wireless future Internet Access
765KB 402KB
318415 FOX-C STREP Flexible Optical Cross-connect Nodes enabling next generation flexible optical networking 347KB 1,4MB
248891 FREEDOM STREP Femtocell-based netwoRk Enhancement by intErference managEment and coorDination of infOrmation for seaMless connectivity 831KB 479KB
318205 FUSION STREP Future Service Oriented Networks 111KB 325,3KB
215533 FUTON IP Fibre optic networks for distributed, heterogeneous radio architectures and service provisioning 319KB
248657 GEYSERS IP Generalised architEcture for dYnamic infraStructure sERvices 453KB 727KB
318489 HARP STREP High capacity network Architecture with Remote radio heads & Parasitic antenna arrays 150KB n/a
216006 HURRICANE STREP Handovers for Ubiquitous and Optimal Broadband Connectivity among Cooperative Networking Environments 156KB 269KB
317999 IDEALIST IP Industry-Driven Elastic and Adaptive Lambda Infrastructure for Service and Transport Networks 174KB 65,5KB
317941 iJOIN STREP Interworking and JOINt Design of an Open Access and Backhaul Network Architecture for Small Cells based on Cloud Networks 244KB 2,1MB




CSA Future Integral SatCom Initiative 619KB 794KB
317647 LEONE STREP Leone: From global measurements to local management 138KB 520,4KB
318273 LEXNET IP Low EMF Exposure Future Networks 169KB 147,7KB
318606 LIGHTNESS STREP Low latency and high throughput dynamic network infrastructures for high performance datacentre interconnects 234KB 1018.2KB
248993 LOLA STREP Achieving Low-Latency in Wireless Communications 388KB 308KB
247706 MAINS STREP Metro Architectures enablINg Sub-wavelengths 914KB 401KB
258053 MEDIEVAL STREP MultimEDia transport for mobIlE Video AppLications 964KB 1MB
317669 METIS IP Mobile and wireless communications Enablers for Twenty-twenty (2020) Information Society 162KB 178,2KB
213952 MIMAX STREP Advanced MIMO systems for maximum reliability and performance 312KB 240KB
216946 MobiThin STREP Intelligent distribution of demanding services and applications to mobile thin client devices 198KB 394KB
212430 MobiWeb2.0 CSA Mobile Web 2.0 134KB 64KB
215225 MOMENT STREP Monitoring and Measurement in the Next generation Technologies 191KB 255KB
247176 MONET STREP Mechanisms for Optimization of hybrid ad-hoc networks and satellite NETworks 341KB 388KB
317959 MOTO STREP Mobile OpportunisTic Traffic Offloading 275KB n/a
318627 mPlane IP mPlane - an Intelligent Measurement Plane for Future Network and Application Management 137KB 68,2KB
216541 Multi-Base STREP Multi-Base - Scalable Multi-tasking Baseband for Mobile Communications 196KB 232KB
215252 N-CRAVE STREP Network Coding for Robust Architectures in Volatile Environments 136KB 1.229KB
317105 NetSoc CSA Networked Society 254KB 62,9KB
318306 NEWCOM# NOE Network of Excellence in Wireless COMmunications # 220KB 139,6KB
216715 NEWCOM++ NoE Network of Excellence in Wireless COMmunications++ (NEWCOM++) 207KB 1.626KB
249025 OASE IP Optical Access Seamless Evolution 540KB 247KB
213311 Omega IP OMEGA 243KB 2.083KB
258300 ONE STREP Towards Automated Interactions between the Internet and the Carrier-Grade Management Ecosystems 532 KB 1,6 MB
257385 ONEFIT STREP Opportunistic networks and Cognitive Management Systems for Efficient Application Provision in the Future InterneT 577 KB 518KB
211887 PHYDYAS STREP PHYDYAS: physical layer for dynamic spectrum access and cognitive radio 406KB 633KB
317562 PHYLAWS STREP PHYsical LAyer Wireless Security 127KB 121,68KB
216173 PSIRP STREP Publish-Subscribe Internet Routing Paradigm 141KB 128KB
257217 PURSUIT STREP Publish Subscribe Internet Technology 310KB 94,6 KB
248454 QOSMOS IP Quality of Service and MObility driven cognitive radio Systems 497KB 777KB
248303 QUASAR STREP Quantitative Assessment of Secondary Spectrum Access 615KB 375KB
217014 ReDeSign STREP Developing cable network architectures & technologies for the near & distant future 236KB 1.114KB
216751 REWIND STREP RElay based WIreless Network and standarD - REWIND 317KB 647KB
317700 RITE STREP Reducing Internet Transport Latency 175KB 394,2
215282 ROCKET STREP Reconfigurable OFDMA-based Cooperative Networks Enabled by Agile Spectrum Use 364KB 1.227KB
249060 SACRA STREP Spectrum and energy efficiency through multi-band Cognitive Radio 334KB 204KB
257448 SAIL IP SAIL: Scalable & Adaptive Internet soLutions 822 KB 1.947KB
248268 SAMURAI STREP Spectrum Aggregation and Multi-User MIMO: Real-world Impact 557KB 339KB
248001 SAPHYRE STREP Sharing Physical Resources – Mechanisms and Implementations for Wireless Networks 678KB 652KB
217122 SARDANA STREP Scalable Advanced Ring-based passive Dense Access Network Architecture 268KB 3.144KB
316384 SEMAFOUR STREP Self-Management for Unified Heterogeneous Radio Access Networks 166KB n/a
216076 SENDORA STREP Sensor Network for Dynamic and Cognitive Radio Access 257KB 576KB
258138 SESERV CSA Socio-Economic SERVices for European research projects 1,2 MB n/a
215923 SENSEI IP SENSEI - Integrating the Physical with the Digital World of the Network of the Future 576KB 243KB
216104 SFERA CSA Structural Funds for European Regional Research Advancement 181KB 334KB
215134 sISI CSA sISI - Support action to the Integral Satcom Initiative 919KB 283KB
317846 SmartenIT STREP Socially-aware Management of New Overlay Application Traffic combined with Energy Efficiency in the Internet 128KB n/a
216259 SmoothIt STREP Simple Economic Management Approaches of Overlay Traffic in Heterogeneous Internet Topologies 241KB 373KB
216284 SOCRATES STREP Self-Optimisation and Self-Configuration in Wireless Networks 136KB n/a
318600 SODALES STREP SOftware-Defined Access using Low-Energy Subsystems 220KB 269,6KB
258457 SPARC STREP Split architecture carrier class future networks 000KB 1.354KB
247674 STRONGEST IP Scalable Tunable and Resilient Optical Networks Guaranteeing Extremely-high Speed Transport 444KB 414KB
257740 TREND NoE Towards Real Energy-efficient Network Design 272KB 629KB
216372 Trilogy IP Trilogy: Re-Architecting the Internet 440KB 2.106KB
317756 Trilogy 2 STREP Re-Architecting the Internet 900KB 168,6KB
318784 TROPIC STREP Distributed computing, storage and radio resource allocation over cooperative femtocells 460KB 567.6KB
216785 UCELLS STREP Ultra-wide band real-time interference monitoring and CELLular management Strategies 254KB 1.169KB
257418 ULOOP STREP User-centric Wireless Local-Loop 617KB 777KB
257513 UniverSelf IP UniverSelf 1,9MB 252KB
216312 WALTER STREP WALTER: Specifying, testing and improving interoperability of broadband radio devices 370KB 1.142KB
217033 WHERE STREP WHERE: Wireless Hybrid Enhanced Mobile Radio Estimators 1.215KB 420KB
217033 WHERE2 STREP Wireless Hybrid Enhanced Mobile Radio Estimators - Phase 2 978KB 320KB
215167 WiMAGIC STREP Worldwide Interoperability Microwave System for Next-Generation Wireless Communications 423KB 84KB