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Spectrum Sharing: Project White Papers

Around 128 projects have been launched since the beginning of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) under the " Future Networks " Objective1.1. They are supported to the tune of around € 560 million since the programme started in 2007, the highest share (12%) of the total € 9 billion EU funding dedicated to ICT. The projects are grouped into a flexible set of clusters of common interest, to develop synergies and critical mass. Three clusters address the topics of Future Internet Architectures and Network Management , Radio Access and Spectrum ( RAS ) , and Converged and Optical Networks ( CaON ) .

Projects in the Radio Access and Spectrum cluster target the following outcomes:

  • Enabling technologies for flexible spectrum usage for mobile broadband, including new ambitious approaches to cognitive radio as well as proof-of-concept reference implementations, taking into account commercial and regulatory constraints and opportunities.
  • Novel radio network topologies, taking into account the need for autonomy, energy efficiency, high capacity backhaul, low EMF radio exposure, and smaller low power base stations, mixed analogue-digital RF design and novel signal processing methods.
  • Integration of radio technologies with optical fibre networks, for consolidation of mobile and wireless networks into integrated communication systems (using e.g. femtocells) which can deliver ultra high speed wireless access in the home, the street or in the enterprise.

Several projects in the RAS cluster have already taken a step forward towards these goals and have published White Papers stating their case in their field of expertise: