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Enquiries and Pre-proposals

If you intend to prepare a proposal for a Call, the EC offers a facility to allow a proposer to check on the appropriateness of their proposed action, and the eligibility of the proposal consortium (see disclaimer below). You are invited to send us, by e-mail, a brief description of your intended proposal. You will receive our feedback on the relevance of your ideas within a few working days. Please send your request any time up to four weeks before the close of a call.

For Objectives 15, 17 and 22a of Call 1 of the H2020 programme this facility will close no later than 26th March 2014 17:00 Brussels time.


There is no official pre-proposal check form so we suggest using the template below when submitting your idea .

• Describe the rationale and the problem area your proposal addresses

- Describe which problem you intend to solve and how, together with the related socio-economic sectors and target user groups

• How will the proposal contribute to the objectives and impacts set out in the Work Programme?

- What are the key scientific and technological innovations?

- What impact do you expect (scientific, technical, socio-economic)?

- What public results are foreseen?

• Describe the consortium

- Give partners names or profiles and the intended skills mix

- Indicate the intended FP7 instrument (if known)

• Indicate the scale of your ambition

- What amount of EU funding are you looking for?

- How long will the proposed project last?

Your outline description should consist of three pages maximum. You are welcome to send it by e-mail to the G3 Mailbox with the mention "Preproposal enquiry Call XX" in the subject field, indicating the Call number under which you intend to submit your proposal.

The advice given by the EC is strictly informal and non-binding. Only one pre-proposal check will be carried out per proposal. The advice provided through the pre-proposal check does not in any way engage the EC with respect to acceptance or rejection of the proposal when it is formally submitted at a later stage. The evaluators who later evaluate your proposal will not be informed of the results of the pre-proposal check, nor even that a pre-proposal check was carried out. The pre-proposal check is not intended to assist with the identification of possible partners for your consortium.


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