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"We are either Open for Business or Out of Business, depending on the way we deal with innovation."
President José Manuel Barroso
Brussels, 5 January 2011 

News Evaluators Wanted!

Are you interested in being involved in FP7 activities as evaluator or project reviewer?

High-level experts with experience in all aspects of language technologies are constantly needed. A good knowledge of English is also required as it is the working language in an evaluation.

Manifest your interest availability as an evaluator and or reviewer with an e-mail to , with your contact details and your area(s) of expertise.


Language Technologies


Information and Communication Technologies theme under the 7 th Framework Programme (FP7 ICT)

The FP7 ICT Framework Programme is updated every two years and defines the priorities for the calls for proposals to be launched. The 2013 Work Programme acknowledges that digital content remains the material basis for a multilingual knowledge based society. However the explosive growth of digital content (both structured and unstructured) makes it important for European citizens and organisations to learn to manage it effectively and to extract from it maximum value in terms of private or public, personal or organisational decision making, planning and management.

Challenge 4: Technologies for Digital Content and Languages

Challenge 4 focuses on:

  • exploring and testing new approaches, methods and techniques to extract, interpret and exploit information from unstructured multilingual and/or media sources, yielding actionable knowledge;
  • developing and testing in realistic operating conditions new algorithms and software frameworks to analyse, interact and visualize extremely large volumes of data in real time;
  • supporting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) developing innovative applications in structured and unstructured digital content management and, particularly, in the reuse of open data.

There are three objectives in Challenge 4, two of which are relevant to the language technology aspects - Objective 4.1 and 4.3:

Call Timetable

Call title Publication date Closure date Budget Funding mechanism Call status
Call 10 10 July 2012 15 January 2013 17h00 EUR 27 million STREP, CSA closed
Call SME-Initiative 10 July 2012 15 January 2013 17h00 EUR 20 million IP, STREP closed
Call 11 18 September 2012 16 April 2013 17h00 EUR 31 million IP, STREP, CSA closed

* The SME Call will include a two-step evaluation process with specific eligibility and evaluation criteria.



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