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Information & Communication Technologies

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"We are either Open for Business or Out of Business, depending on the way we deal with innovation."
President José Manuel Barroso
Brussels, 5 January 2011 

News Evaluators Wanted!

Are you interested in being involved in FP7 activities as evaluator or project reviewer?

High-level experts with experience in all aspects of language technologies are constantly needed. A good knowledge of English is also required as it is the working language in an evaluation.

Manifest your interest availability as an evaluator and or reviewer with an e-mail to , with your contact details and your area(s) of expertise.


Language Technologies

Programme and Calls

Our work is based around two programmes:

The two programmes serve different purposes but they are complementary and inter-related.

ICT in FP7 is primarily meant to foster research in mastering and shaping Europe's role in information and communication technologies.

ICT-PSP steps in after research has reached its mature demonstration phase. It drives forward innovation by the best use and wider adoption of ICT. It aims to make both large organisations and SMEs aware of the advantages of ICT and exploit its full potential thus increasing competitiveness.

The links above will take you to more information about the current work programme and the timetable for the calls for proposals.

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