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  • Over 360 people have participated in our information sessions since September this year. For the list of participants see our " Upcoming " page
  • Have a look at what is already being done in this domain by the projects selected from the last PSP call. Overview of projects

Language Technologies

| 22-23 March 2010 | 19 October 2010 | 17 November 2010 | 21 January 2011 |

Information Days

On this page you can find information about events we have organised relevant to both the ICT-FP7 and ICT-PSP Programmes and Calls.

We organised an " Information & Networking Day " for the SME-DCL (Digital Content and Languages) Call which opened on 1 February 2011. This event took place on 21 January 2011 , and was held in the Jean Monnet Conference Centre in Luxembourg-Kirchberg.

The SME-DCL Call made available 35 MEUR funding for consortia that must include at least two SMEs, but which may of course include other types of organisations as appropriate for the proposal.


Information & Networking Day
SME Initiative on Digital Content and Languages (SME-DCL)
Friday 21 January 2011
Jean Monnet Conference Centre, Luxembourg

09h30-10h00 Registration
10h00-10h30 Presentation of the SME-DCL Call
10h30-11h00 How to write a winning proposal
11h00-11h15 Q&A
11h45-13h00 Self-presentations by participants (max 5 minutes each)
14h00-14h15 Conclusions and launch of networking sessions
14h15-15h30 Networking and discussions in groups around identified areas of interest


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Two Information sessions to inform prospective proposers about the upcoming HLT calls were organised :

  • 19 October 2010 in Luxembourg
  • 17 November 2010 in Brussels

The Luxembourg event was held in the Jean Monnet Building Conference Complex. In the morning a presentation was made on the 2011-2012 Work Programme and upcoming Calls for Proposals, and was followed by a Q&A discussion. The afternoon was devoted to industrial and commercial players, in particular SMEs. Participants had the opportunity to present their project idea or organisation in a special "elevator pitch" session.

Work Programme Information Days
Luxembourg, 19th October 2010
Jean Monnet Conference Centre

morning Registration
  Welcome and introduction
  Upcoming calls: an overview
  Language technologies within ICT Call 7
  Language technologies within the ICT SME Call
(parallel sessions)
Q&A discussion/participants' presentations Dedicated SME session including specific actions and instruments

The Brussels event took place on 17th and 18th November at Le Plaza Hotel in the framework of the META-FORUM 2010: "Challenges for Multilingual Europe". This event was a big success and attracted over 250 participants from 37 countries! The EC session was in the afternoon of the 17th with the agenda covering the same topics as in the Luxembourg information day on 19th October.

  • Full programme META-FORUM 2010 including presentations
  • EC session presentation ( pdf.gif 168 KB)
  • Towards a Business Forum for Language Technology Stakeholders ( pdf.gif 65 KB)
  • List of participants at both events ( pdf.gif PDF 60 KB)

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Language Technology Days, 22-23 March 2010

Following the success of our Language Technology Days held in January 2009 which attracted some 250 participants, we again organised an event in Luxembourg which aimed at informing prospective proposers about the upcoming ICT-PSP 4th Call and the ICT-FP7 Work Programme 2010-2011. The particularities of each programme and call were presented, and the similarities and differences highlighted. High-level speakers gave presentations covering varied related topics, including newly started projects, the commercial viewpoint, future prospects, and much more. The agenda below gives you an overview of the LT Days and links to the individual presentations. Parallel sessions are shown with the same background colour.

Language Technology Days

22-23 March 2010

Conference Centre, Jean Monnet Building

Day 1 - 22 March 2010


Registration of participants

15h00 - 17h00

Session 1: "Different initatives, different target communities, different business models ...... one common effort" (Room M6)

The following representatives of major initiatives in the area of Language Resources will present their views.

Chair: Roberto Cencioni, EC

Speakers :

Jaap van der Meer, TAUS-TDA pdf.gif (145 KB)

Khalid Choukri, ELDA pdf.gif (439 KB)

Steven Krauwer, CLARIN pdf.gif (81 KB)

Hans Uszkoreit and Nicoletta Calzolari, META-NET (T4ME) pdf.gif (578 KB)


15h00 - 17h00

ICT-PSP Proposals Clinic (Room M4)

Participants had the chance to present their idea for a proposal to a Project Officer

Poster sessions

plus free networking

Day 2 - 23 March 2010

08h30 - 09h15

Registration of participants

09h15 - 09h30

Opening and welcome (Room M6)

Mrs Patricia Manson, acting Director

Mr Roberto Cencioni, Head of Unit & Mr Kimmo Rossi, Deputy Head of Unit E1

09h30 - 10h00

Session 2

"Enterprise Language Processing: mega-trends and developments"

Keynote speaker:

Don DePalma, Common Sense Advisory pdf.gif (278 KB)

10h00 - 10h40

Session 3: Overview of the Multilingual Web theme under the 4th PSP Call for Proposals


Kimmo Rossi, EC pdf.gif (142 KB)

10h40 - 11h30

Session 4: Language Technologies within the ICT work programme 2011-2012

Main orientations and opportunities


Roberto Cencioni, EC pdf.gif (128 KB)

Synopsis of WP 2011-2012 Consultations pdf.gif (92 KB) Further information on the consultations can be found on our dedicated page .

11h30 - 13h15

Session 5: Presentation of ongoing and newly started Machine Translation projects

Discussion of new and emerging challenges

Chair: Kimmo Rossi, EC


Philipp Koehn, EUROMATRIX+ (statistical MT) pdf.gif (643 KB)

Bill Byrne, FAUST (MT & user feedback) pdf.gif (653 KB)

Christof Monz, COSYNE (MT & social media) pdf.gif (6 MB)

Andy Way, PLUTO (MT & patents) pdf.gif (323 KB)


14h15 - 15h45

Session 6: Interactive session on the ICT-PSP call - How to design a successful proposal (Room M1)

Administrative, financial and contractual information

Brief presentation of successful consortia from the 2009 call

Chair/speaker: Kimmo Rossi, EC pdf.gif (208 KB)


Adriane Rinsche, successful proposer, MORMED pdf.gif (136 KB)

Draft template for proposals under 6.1 pdf.gif (132 KB)

(This draft template is intended to be an aid for prospective proposers. It follows several enquiries we received since the publication of Call 4).

14h15 - 16h00

Session 7: Presentation of newly started Language Resources projects (Room M6)

- community based platforms, shared infrastructure and services

- methods and techniques for automating the discovery and acquisition process

Discussion of new challenges and opportunities

Chair: Roberto Cencioni, EC


Hans Uszkoreit, META-NET (formerly T4ME - LT "hub" for reusable language resources & technologies) pdf.gif (3 MB)

Nuria Bel, PANACEA (parallel corpora) pdf.gif (603 KB)

Andrejs Vasiljevs, ACCURAT (comparable corpora) pdf.gif (667 KB)

Beatrice Daille, TTC (cross-lingual terminology) pdf.gif (143 KB)

16h00 - 16h15


16h15 - 17h30

Session 8: Evaluation (Room M6)

"Evaluation for whom? Evaluating what?"

Interactive session on challenges, tasks, metrics and resources: what should be the role and function of evaluation in future ICT work programmes?

Chair: Roberto Cencioni, EC

Moderator and panellists:

Emanuele Pianta, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, CELCT pdf.gif (137 KB)

Panellist: Ido Dagan, Bar Ilan University pdf.gif (503 KB)

Panellist: Patrick Paroubek, LIMSI-CNRS pdf.gif (243 KB)

Panellist: Philipp Koehn, University of Edinburgh pdf.gif (54 KB)

14h15 - 16h00

ICT-PSP Proposals Clinic (Room M4)

Participants had the chance to present their idea for a proposal to a Project Officer



The full list of registered participants is available here. pdf.gif (22 KB)

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