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ATLAS - Applied Technology for Language-Aided CMS

250467 - Pilot B



At a glance

PSP -2009.5.3 - Multilingual web content management



The advent of the Web revolutionised the way in which content is manipulated and delivered. As a result, digital content in various languages has become widely available on the Internet and its sheer volume and language diversity have presented an opportunity for embracing new methods and tools for content creation and distribution. Although significant improvements have been made lately in the field of web content management, there is still a growing demand for online content services that incorporate language-based technology.

Mechanisms such as automatic annotation of important words, phrases and names, text summarisation and categorisation, and computer-aided translation could facilitate the process of manipulating heterogeneous multilingual content as well as enhance end-user experience by allowing for better content navigation.


One of the primary goals of the project is to simplify and shorten the process of authoring, management and exploitation of heterogeneous multilingual content through the unification of such mechanisms in a common software platform called ATLAS and three separate solutions around it.

The first solution, i-Publisher, adds a visualisation layer to ATLAS and provides a powerful web-based instrument for creating, running and managing small and enterprise content-driven web sites. i-Publisher will be freely available as an online service and also used by the consortium to build two thematic content-driven web sites - i-Librarian and EUDocLib. i-Librarian allows its users to store, organise and publish their personal works, to locate similar documents in different languages, and to obtain easily the most essential texts from large collections of unfamiliar documents. EUDocLib is a publicly accessible repository of EU documents, which provides enhanced navigation and easier access to relevant documents in the user's language.


The key innovative aspects of the solutions built during the project are:

  • Web-based software-as-a-service solutions that address the needs of both organisations and individuals
  • Implementation of language-based technology in the field of web content management in order to save time for content authors and editors, and enhance end-user experience by significantly improving content navigation
  • Propagation of content to a large number of different output channels such as web sites, RSS feeds and mobile device applications
  • Retrieval of similar documents in different languages
  • Dynamic interlinking of documents based on extracted important works, phrases and names
  • Point-and-click web-based user interface for building resuable content-driven web sites.

The result

The single most important tangible output of the project will be the successful completion and public release (under an open-source licence) of the multilingual platform for web content management ATLAS, which powers i-Publisher, i-Librarian and EUDocLib.


The consortium commits to make available three public online services in order to reach more people and realise a trans-European impact. i-Publisher is oriented towards the specific needs of organisations, while i-Librarian and EUDocLib are oriented to individual users. Despite the differences in functionality, the online services target a large number of people and put emphasis on the trans-European impact, thus contributing to the establishment of a Single European Space.


Contact Person:

Name: Anelia Belogay

Tel: 0035924950444

Fax: 00359888966153


Organisation: Tetracom Interactive Solutions


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