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EU-BRIDGE - Bridges Across the Language Divide

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At a glance

FP7-ICT-2011-7 - Language technologies


The project aims at developing automatic transcription and translation technology that will permit the development of innovative multimedia captioning and translation services of audiovisual documents between European and non-European languages. The project will provide streaming technology that can convert speech from lectures, meetings, and telephone conversations into the text in another language.

Objectives and Innovation

EU-Bridge partners aim to develop above state-of-the art speech and machine translation capabilities in view of new and more challenging business use cases. It means, to advance spoken language technologies to allow for processing and transmission of human information content from one language into another, in situations that could so far not be handled by automatic techniques.
Another key challenge is to reduce the cost of data collection and the dependence on large, manually collected and annotated amounts of data.

The team of partners proposes to build one of the largest combined repertoires of languages available both in speech recognition and translation.
The last objective is the rapid technology transition and market insertion by building distributed services instead of transferring software, and by making deployment part of the project.

The target group of the project

The prospective users of the project are European companies operating in an audiovisual market (in particular TV captioning and translation). EU-BRIDGE intends to put together academics, engineering and business expertise in order to create competitive offers to existing needs of translation, communication, content processing and publishing. The four use cases are: Captioning Translation for TV broadcasts, University Lecture Translations, European Parliament Translations, Mobile Devices Communication Translation.

The result

High performing machine translation technology, advancing systems developed throughout the project in a commercial media transcription and translation service, more cost effective than existing ones.


The research and market insertion mechanisms of this project will have impact on the European competitive position in a multilingual market through the provision of better products and services to citizens and businesses.

The consortium composed of some of Europe’s leading research institutions has the opportunity to become scientific and technological leader as a result of a widely accepted vision: the project demonstrates how advanced speech translation technologies can benefit business and society.
The project will reinforce the cooperation, dialogue and partnership between research and industry and will provide better understanding of user requirements.


Contact Person:

Name: Dr. Stüker Sebastian
Tel:+49 721 608 46284
Organisation: Karlsruher Institut fuer Technologie Institute for Anthropomatics







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