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PSP -2009.5.3 - Multilingual web content management

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FLAVIUS - Foreign LAnguage Versions of Internet and User generated Sites Bringing Machine Translation for European Languages to the User

250525 - Pilot B


More and more information is published and shared on the internet, however it is not always available in the working language of each user. Despite the development of translation tools, language is still a barrier, as most people access information written in their own language.

Several options exist today to access information written in another language but all require special settings or skills and they are not very widely used. There are some tools which enable the translation of web pages by visitors, but they do not offer all the necessary features, they are not customisable and they don't preserve the site structure. Moreover webpages are only indexed in the original language which prevents them from being searchable in other languages.


The goal of the FLAVIUS project is to bridge the language gap between content publishers and users by providing an online platform accessible to website owners that will enable them to generate multilingual versions of their website.


The FLAVIUS project makes an innovative use of automatic translation, human translation, terminology extraction and text correction. The innovative idea consists in moving the translation effort to the source files to ensure the best architecture for mutilingual content management.

The result

The project will result in an online platform accessible to website owners which will enable them to generate multilingual versions of their websites quickly and efficiently. It will include all necessary functionalities to ensure that the translated pages reach an acceptable level of quality, like source text correction, translation curtomisation and post-edition.

The Flavius platform is still in development but you can already try it for free: here .


The FLAVIUS platform will provide a unique solution to cope with the localisation of huge amounts of textual information published every day on the internet. It will be as easy to publish in the widespread languages like English, French or Spanish as in less-covered languages like Swedish, Romanian or Polish. On the other hand, internet users will be able to better find and understand the information when searching in their own language.

FLAVIUS is thus a step towards creating a web environment where all citizens, companies and governments have an equal opportunity to access information in their own language.

The final FLAVIUS platform will be available for small websites (up to 30 pages of translation) free of charge in the last year of the project.


Contact Person:

Name: Christophe Brun-Franc
Tel: +33 1 41 43 10 35
Fax: +33 1 41 43 10 30
E-mail: contact
Organisation: Softissimo



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