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GET HOME SAFE - Extended Multimodal Search and Communication Systems for Safe In-Car Application

288667 - STREP


At a glance

FP7-ICT-2011-7 - Language technologies


GetHomeSafe is a Collaborative Project – STREP aiming to develop a system for safe information access (search, navigation, points of interest) and communication (texting) while driving as well as basic functionalities such as music management, address book, phone management search facilities and even social media update.
The project will develop solutions involving multimodal dialogue, where speech, a key modality, will be handled by a hybrid (local and remote) speech recognition module.

Target Group of the project

Car users who use in-vehicle information systems (IVIS) and drivers who need to communicate with their contacts while driving.


Goal and Innovation

The overall aims of this project are to investigate, prototype and evaluate User Interface techniques that address search and communicative needs of people while driving. The voice recognition system exists already but the GetHomeSafe objective is to adapt existing solution to the noisy environment of a car and its surrounding, and also get out of the vocal state menu.

In the future GetHomeSafe could also be taken into homes. Thus, this innovation may contribute to the development of intelligent homes which the elderly or even the disabled could benefit from in multiples ways. By making the voice interface to the Internet available in the car and at home, GetHomeSafe supports and motivates them to use services which they may have been reluctant to use before.

The result

The expected result of the project is a system for safe information access and communication for drivers based on voice recognition. Project partners will develop a prototype automotive multi-modal system that specializes in providing especially the following functions:
- Search functionality which will allow a quick access to most options available in the system (research of an address, of a specific point).
- Pro-active and context-aware interaction with the driver, which means that the system will react accordingly to the current situation thanks to different established parameters (situation concerning passengers and their place in the car, their physical and cognitive capabilities as well as personal preferences, the parameters of the vehicle including on-board sensors, and the traffic situation and weather outside).
Additionally, the objectives of the proposed project include providing an open source toolbox with an open source driving simulation software as a centrepiece which will be available to the scientific community.


On the basis of existing systems developed by project partners GetHomeSafe will become a new and safer system tested in realistic environments. Furthermore, the system leaves the driver in full control, and will for example back off if told to do so, or become more explicit if this is requested. The more user friendly system is the more safe the drive becomes, so the possibility of accidents decreases.


Contact Person:

Name: Dr. Müller Christian

Tel: +49 681 857755269








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