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LISE - Legal Language Interoperability Services

270917 - Pilot B


At a glance

PSP -2009.6.2 - Multilingual online services


There is an increasing need of consolidated administrative nomenclatures and legal terminologies as tools to enhance interoperability and cross border collaboration. Without high quality and standards-based terminologies, it is impossible to reach precision, efficiency, and transparency within and across any services, processes and systems in the areas of legal and administrative work.


LISE aims at enabling data owners in public administrations and translation departments to manage their terminological data on the basis of best practices in inter-institutional, interdisciplinary, and multilingual terminology management workflows and by using web services to support this work.


The key points of LISE are:

  • Analysis of legal and administrative terminologies and terminology management workflows to identify current problems and future options for optimisation in different user groups
  • Developing web services for quality management operations on legal terminology resources
  • Active participation of and cooperation with different user groups

The result

The two main results of LISE are:

  • Web-based terminology service platform for collaborative inter-institutional work on legal terminologies
  • Best practice guidelines for optimised terminology management workflows in legal and administrative operations.


LISE is intended to improve real-life processes and workflows as well as the quality of data in multilingual legal/administrative terminology management. The LISE web services for terminology work will help users to pursue their goals, e.g. concerning data expansion (language coverage, topics, depth of data), quality management (legacy data, efficiency in acquiring new data), improving existing workflows and the usability for end users of data presentation.


Contact Person:

Name: Gerhard Budin
Tel: +43-1-4277 58020
Fax: +43-1-4277 9581
Organisation: University of Vienna


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