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LT COMPASS - Guiding Language Technology Paths from Research to Markets

288202 - CSA


At a glance

FP7-ICT-2011-7 - Language technologies

  • Duration: 28 months
  • Start date: 1 November 2011
  • End date: 28 February 2014
  • Project officer:  Kimmo Rossi
  • website


LT COMPASS is a Support Action designed to link together stakeholders in the Language Technology (LT) value chain in order to facilitate technology transfer, innovation and market uptake of new products and services. The project will provide an open collaborative platform for industry players (LT-Innovate), to address sector specific problems, foster research/industry collaborations, define a roadmap for easing and speeding up LT innovation, and improve the visibility of the field through focused outreach and awareness actions.

Objectives and Innovation

The ultimate goal of the project is to stimulate innovation in Europe in the LT sector. Many of the most innovative language technologies available have been developed in the labs of European universities and companies, yet the language technology industry is dominated by a few large companies, mostly non-European. LT-Innovate is an opportunity for the majority of smaller European LT companies to come together as a coherent force, to influence the future direction of an industry of high value - and huge potential – for Europe. LT-Innovate will furthermore seek to position LT technologies as key enabling technologies for Europe. LT COMPASS will foster these endeavours by providing a platform around which the LT industry can meet; helping define a coherent common vision; fostering research-industry collaborations; facilitating technology transfer and uptake; validating a clear roadmap for the development of LT innovation; and communicating the messages of the industry to a wide audience.

Target group of the project

The project targets stakeholders from the entire LT-value chain, with a special focus on commercial developers and vendors of LT and LT-enabled products and services from the fields of global content processing, speech technology, interactive services, search and analytics.

The result

The concrete expected results of the project are:
- The LT-Innovate Forum – an active forum for business players from the LT industry;
- The LT-Innovate web-based platform , which will feature information about the LT industry and provide a collaborative environment for the Forum members;
- Market analysis of the supply and demand side and the market potential for LT products and services;
- Outreach and communication services aimed at making the European LT industry more visible;
- A European LT Innovation Agenda .


The project results will support a closer dialogue and partnership between research and industry as well as industry and decision-makers, and ultimately, contributing to the provision of better products and services to citizens and businesses. LT Compass will contribute to reinforcing a key industry sector in which Europe has strong assets and potential and to improve its competitiveness in the global market place.


Contact Person:

Name: Mr Ruben Riestra
Tel: +34914480203







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