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META-NET - Multilingual Europe: a Technology Alliance

(formerly T4ME - Technologies for the Multilingual European Information Society)

249119 - Network of Excellence


At a glance

ICT-2007.2.2 - Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics

Linguistic diversity is a corner stone of our multicultural European society. To preserve this essential asset in the age of the emerging information and knowledge society, Europe needs ICT technologies and applications at affordable costs that:

  • enable communication, collaboration and participation across language boundaries
  • secure their language users equal access to the information and knowledge society
  • support each language in the advanced functionalities of networked ICT


Building a single EU information space reflecting and supporting Europe's cultural diversity is a major challenge, in that it has to be an adequate foundation for the multilingual European information and knowledge society. Because of the complexity of human language and the number of languages to be included, this challenge demands a large collective effort by research and language communities as well as several industrial sectors.


META-NET will mobilise and network the LT research community including all major research paradigms. It will also extend the mobilisation to commercial providers of applications and services, to corporate and public users of multilingual technologies including language professionals, and to other stakeholders such as the affected language communities and the planners and operators of RTD programmes at the national and European level. Therefore META-NET deliberately interprets European LT community in a wider sense. The targeted group is deliberately wide because the task of providing the technologies and applications needed for realising the European Multilingual Information Society for all the languages of the EU requires a sustained joint effort of all targeted actors.


META-NET shall progress by approaching open problems in collaboration with other research fields such as machine learning, social computing, cognitive systems, knowledge technologies and multimedia content. It shall mobilise and strengthen the European LT community encompassing researchers, developers and language professionals through networking or research and by developing new schemes for sharing resources and efforts. By analysing the current situation and developing shared visions META-NET shall prepare the ground for a large scale concerted effort of national and international research programmes, language communities, corporate users and commercial technology providers.

The result

The long-term results of META-NET will be the emergence of a centre of excellence achieved by integration of the LT research community beyond the traditional boundaries, including integration between researcher, user and provider, programmes at national and European level, and participation of other stakeholders such as representatives of large language communities. This will be achieved by means of three action lines:

  • building bridges for pushing the frontiers in machine translation technology
  • building an open infrastructure of resources, especially for sharing large repositories of valuable processed and annotated language data
  • building an active community that joins forces for the targeted large-scale join action necessary for the creation of the European Multilingual Information Society.


Because of her particular demands and her strong competence base, Europe has an excellent chance to become the place where the dream of a multilingual information and knowledge society first becomes reality. This will not only solve a lingering economic and societal problem but also provide the European ICT industry with a clear competitive advantage.


Contact Person:

Name: Hans Uszkoreit
Tel: +49 681 325282
Fax: +49 681 335338
Organisation: DFKI


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