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MosesCore - Moses Open Source Evaluation and Support Co-ordination for OutReach and


At a glance

FP7-ICT-2011-7 Language Technologies


288487 - CSA


Machine translation (MT) has increasingly become an indispensable tool for coping with Europe's linguistic diversity. However machine translation systems are complex software applications requiring significant levels of cooperation and coordination to enable research to continue to prosper, and to improve the usage rate amongst commercial translators, and public bodies. This project is a coordination action which will provide a variety of forums for users, developers and researchers in machine translation to exchange ideas and experiences with the technology. These will consist of research meetings, machine translation marathons (where academic and commercial developers gather to implement open-source MT tools) and industrial outreach events aimed at sharing practical experience amongst MT users. Project partners will also coordinate the development of shared open-source translation tools, and shared data sets as a means of lowering the barrier to entry into MT research, and enabling organisations of all sizes to deploy their own customised translation systems.


Objectives and Innovation

Machine translation is a complex field and presents substantial barriers for entry to potential researchers, and to potential users of the technologies. The principal aim of the MosesCore project is to reduce these barriers, making it easier to join and participate in the MT research community, and easier to become an MT user. Through the coordination of freely available shared software and data, and by organising appropriate networking events, the research and adoption of MT in Europe will be stimulated.

Target group of the project

The project aims at creating an environment where machine translation technology is open to all, not just the big research laboratories and large corporations. The MosesCore project will address both the needs of users of machine translation and of researchers, seeking to improve the state-of-the-art in MT by building on top of existing technologies.

The result

The result of the project will be the broader use of Machine Translation system, better quality of the Moses MT engine and the organisation of events and promotion of open source software for machine translation, notably the Moses statistical MT toolkit.


The improved coordination of Moses will enable the new research to be incorporated into the platform faster and in a more orderly fashion, so that researchers have the benefit of being able to try out new techniques in order to reproduce and build on the latest results. The marathons and events will impact the research community by creating deeper collaborations than generally occur at conventional conferences, and also by driving the development of open-source translation tools in the research community. It will also help to foster a more competitive and innovative research environment.

The aim of the networking and coordination of open tools and language resources in the
MosesCore project is to help the people in the European Union stay in control of their own automated translation systems built on the basis of existing Moses system. Therefore, MT will not just be the tool of large corporations and major labs, but anyone with a good research idea or with the urge to start up an automated translation company will have the means to obtain the knowledge and tools to do so.


Contact Person:

Name: Dr. Koehn Philipp

Tel: +44 131 650 8287








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