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PortDial - Language Resources for Portable Multilingual Spoken Dialogue Systems

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At a glance


  • Duration: 24 months
  • Start date: 1 June 2012
  • End date: 31 May 2014
  • Project officer: Stefano Bertolo
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The PortDial project brings together European SMEs that are developing state-of-the-art spoken dialogue systems (SDS) and the handcrafted semantic components with research institutions at the forefront of progress in the automatic creation or enrichment of semantic language resources. The aim is to apply these technologies towards the creation of domain-specific multilingual SDS resources, specifically, data-linked ontologies and grammars.

Objective and Innovation

The main goal of PortDial is to design machine-aided methods for creating, cleaning-up and publishing multilingual domain ontologies and grammars for spoken dialogue system prototyping in various application domains. The project aims at delivering a commercial platform for quick prototyping of interactive spoken dialogue applications to new domains and languages. It will focus on the corresponding multilingual collections of resources for specific application domains and a multilingual linked data ontological corpus that can be freely used for SDS research and prototyping for non-commercial purposes. With the main contribution of this project, partners expect to save up to 50% of development time, significantly improve grammar coverage, and lowering the barrier-to-entry for speech services prototyping by introducing data-populated ontologies and grammar induction.

The application domains of PortDial include entertainment (movie, theatre, concert information and ticketing), banking (information and transactions) and customer service (with emphasis on telecommunication providers).

PortDial will cover most of the major EU languages, namely, English, German, Spanish and Italian, as well as, Greek. Other relatively under-resourced languages such as Turkish, Hebrew and Polish might also be addressed based on the business needs of the SME partners.

Target group of the project

The PortDial platform and premium data will be presented as a product enabling rapid and cost-effective porting of voice applications into new domains and languages. The target segment for this product will be SMEs worldwide in the mobile application development industry lacking the expertise/resources to develop multilingual speech services in-house. The second group of uses are non-commercial actors including the research community that can maintain and enrich the free version of the data pool

The result

The project will result in a commercial platform for quick prototyping of interactive spoken dialogue applications in new domains and languages, and a collection of multilingual corpora including dialogue grammars and ontologies for these domains and languages (both commercial and free version).


The SDS linguistic resources will lower the barrier to entry for European SMEs to SDS technologies, allowing for inexpensive proof-of-concept demonstrator development, opening up new markets and application domains.


Contact Person:

Name: Alexandros Potamianos
Tel: +30 282 103 72 21






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