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PROMISLingua - Performance Operational and Multilingual Interactive Services to support Compliance for SMEs in Europe

270913 - Pilot B




At a glance

PSP -2009.6.2 - Multilingual online services


SMEs are faced with steadily increasing requirements from Health and Safety legislation, Environmental regulations and Quality performance standards at local, national, and international levels. As SMEs cannot afford appropriate personnel and financial resources to cope efficiently in meeting these demands, they urgently need tailored business services to help them overcome the challenging requirements of effectively and safely operating their on-going business.

Pressures also arise from major clients and customers who are increasingly requiring verification of supplier performance standards. Within Europe it is crucial to meet these challenges in the competition with the developing economies and low-wage countries. Within SMEs, Health and Safety, the Environment and Quality are frequently the responsibility of one single manager, and whilst they may have developed some expertise in one of these areas (usually H&S) and on a national base, they might only have limited and superficial knowledge of the other areas or on an international view. As a result SMEs mostly rely in local ad hoc way on information, updates and requirements from sources such as industry journals, sector organisations, Chambers of Commerce or business consultants that are useful in their home country but cannot be applied internationally. In addition, many SMEs are impeded by language barriers to offer their services across Europe.


PROMISLingua aims at translating, localising and rolling out the existing PROMIS® online service (at present available in English, German and Italian) in additional six languages (Spanish, French, Portuguese, Greek, Romanian and Hungarian), in order to deliver a cost-efficient and easy-to-use Internet based service enabling SMEs to comply with Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Regulations at European and international level.


The innovation of PROMIS® as highly intuitive integrated compliance management framework is raising the interest in additional countries, and substantial market demands exist already in the target countries for pilot. However, the main barriers to enter these markets are the need for translation and localisation of the broad range of PROMIS® services, and also the lack of semi-intelligent ICT tools to support structuring, filtering and optimizing data and content in a way that SMEs can communicate in their own language and get answers to their needs online ‘at a fingertip’ in the same language.

The proposed solution

The PROMISLingua Pilot project is structured on the following cores and closely interlinked components:

    • A market need and competition analysis, analysing the opportunities and threats for PROMISLingua pilot and looking up the encompassing market offering, commercial solutions and players.
    • An enhanced translation technology component to provide tools and the necessary resources for localisation efforts of PROMISLingua, end-user communication, crosslingual search support, and machine translation.
    • Translation and localization of content and current technology in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Greek and Hungarian to provide localised content and services for the different territories and define, as well as update supplementary services to be delivered to PROMISLingua users and PROMISLingua system administrators.
    • Pilot testing validation of PROMISLingua pilot, so pilot users can provide feedback from potential issues prior to adoption this technology.
    • Awareness raising of the existence, activities, outputs and benefits of the PROMISLingua Pilot Project.
    • Deployment and roll out plan that ensures further sustainability.


PROMISLingua expects to contribute to the consolidation of a Pan-European Digital Single Market by stimulating cross-lingual communication, collaboration and participation; while reaching the six targeted national markets in the target domains of health and safety beyond the pilot phase for the enhanced multilingual PROMIS service.

  • Main outcomes of the PROMISLingua Pilot at the end of the project comprise:
  • A market needs and benchmark analysis report
  • Machine translation components or tools for needed resources
  • Collection of parallel corpora in the health and safety domain
  • Translated and localised data/information and needed technology components
  • Beta-testing of PROMISLingua in Greece, France, Portugal, Romania, Hungary and Spain
  • Roll out and business plan

PROMISLingua will overcome language barriers and extend the existing PROMIS® service to other European markets by enhancing its multilingual dimension and providing the selected languages tools for Machine Translation and multilingual human translation in the target domains of health and safety. It will also provide semiautomatic structuring of content: norms and legislation (towards EU harmonisation), eLearning and expert’s knowledge components.


Contact Person:

Name: Ms Ursa Yolanda

Tel: +34 914 480203

Fax: +34 915 940578


Organisation: Inmark, Spain


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