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QTLaunchPad - Preparation and Launch of a Large-Scale Action for Quality Translation Technology

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At a glance



QTLaunchPad will assemble the best European centres of Machine Translation research, the most sophisticated and enthusiastic large-scale users of translation technology including enlightened potential users, technophile and quality conscious translation service and language tools providers, and resources and experienced technology integrators.

Together they will prepare a major push in translation technology concentrating on over¬coming existing barriers to translation quality. To this end they will provide needed data and tools including specialised translation corpora, test suites and tools for quality assessment and extend an existing platform for resource sharing to the needs of quality MT research; create a shared quality metrics for human and machine translation; improve automatic translation quality estimation and, last but not least, plan and launch a large scale research and innovation action for a breakthrough in quality translation technology.

Objectives and Innovation

The central objective of QTLaunchPad is the preparation of a big research and innovation action by
- collecting and preparing language resources and technologies for research on high-quality MT;
- extending a platform for resource sharing to the needs of large-scale collaborative MT research;
- developing methodological and empirical foundations of research toward breaking the quality-barriers;
- preparing a large international research and innovation project.

The result

The result of the project will be an online system giving easy access to the inventory of MT related resources and tools which will facilitate the communication between developers of MT systems and translation experts. The project will produce a shared quality assessment metric for human and machine translations and quality estimation software providing an estimate of the quality of a translation without making use of reference translations. Finally, a project plan for a large MT research and innovation action will be developed as well as a general roadmap for MT research in Europe.

Target group of the project

Various key player groups will be addressed by the project results and activities: MT developers and professional translators, research community.


The project aims to bring about a quality breakthrough in translation technology, which is a prerequisite for the major economical and societal impact that machine translation will have in the multilingual European society and in our globalized economy. To enable such a technology breakthrough, the consortium will prepare, promote and spearhead a needed shift in the predominant research approach.


Contact Person:
Name: Prof Hans Uszkoreit






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