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transLectures - Transcription and Translation of Video Lectures

287755 - STREP


At a glance

FP7-ICT-2011-7 - Language technologies


Online educational repositories of video lectures are rapidly growing on the basis of increasingly available and standardised infrastructure. A well-known example of this is VideoLectures.NET , a free and open access educational video lectures repository, and a major player in the development of the widely used Opencast Matterhorn platform for educational video management. As in other repositories, transcription and translation of video lectures in VideoLectures.NET is needed to make them accessible to speakers of different languages and to people with disabilities. However, also as in other repositories, most lectures in VideoLectures.NET are neither transcribed nor translated because of the lack of efficient solutions to obtain them at a reasonable level of accuracy.


The aim of trans Lectures is to develop innovative, cost-effective solutions to produce accurate transcriptions and translations in VideoLectures.NET , with generality across other Matterhorn-related repositories.


Our starting hypothesis is that there is only a relatively small gap for the current technology on automatic speech recognition and machine translation to achieve accurate enough results in the kind of audio-visual object collections we are considering; and that this gap can be closed by achieving the following three scientific and technological objectives:

  1. Improvement of transcription and translation quality by massive adaptation.
  2. Improvement of transcription and translation quality by intelligent interaction.
  3. Integration into Matterhorn to enable real-life evaluation.


The result

The main result of trans Lectures is a set of cost-effective tools to produce accurate transcriptions and translations in VideoLectures.NET and other Matterhorn-related repositories. Indeed, we will test our ideas in VideoLectures.NET and in a smaller repository of Spanish video lectures, poliMedia , which is also part of the Matterhorn Community. For transcription, we will consider English and Slovenian in VideoLectures.NET , which account for more than 90% of lectures, and Spanish in poliMedia . For translation, we will consider the language pairs: en<> es, en<>sl, en<>fr and en<>de.


We are convinced that, upon successful achievement of our objectives, our innovative solutions will rapidly spread over many educational repositories in Europe and worldwide, enabling them to overcome language barriers and reach wider audiences while supporting linguistic diversity.



Contact Person:

Name: Alfons Juan
Tel: +34 699 30 70 95
Organisation: Universitat Politècnica de València






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