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NEW  The  1st FoodMicroSystems Workshop  will take place on 16 May 2012 in Freiburg.  More...

Final report of the 5th Concertation and Consultation Workshop on Micro-Nano-Bio Convergence Systems.  More...

Call for Presentations has been launched for the EPoSS Annual Forum 2011 “Towards Smart Systems Products”. Deadline for submission is 2 September 2011.  More...

EPoSS has attributed to the MNBS topic a very prominent role in the EPoSS Annual Forum 2011 “Towards Smart Systems Products” and the EPoSS Proposers’ Day 2011. More...

Presentations and other documents of the 5th Concertation and Consultation Workshop on Micro-Nano-Bio Convergence Systems.  More...

MNBS (Micro-Nano Bio Systems) Project Portfolio can be downloaded.  More...


2011 Concertation and Consultation Workshop (5th)

Micro-Nano-Bio Systems Convergence (MNBS)

Mondragón-Arrasate, Gipuzkoa (Spain), April 5-6, 2011


The 5th cluster workshop of European Commission (EC) funded projects on Micro-Nano-Bio Convergence Systems (MNBS) was co-organized by the European Commission and IKERLAN, a private not-profit Technological Research Centre in the north of Spain and took place in April 5 & 6, 2011 in Mondragon, Spain. For the second year in a row, this event was open to external participants of the MNBS cluster:

  • to encourage the diffusion and exchange of information on the development of science and technology
  • identify synergies and possible collaborations to tackle critical issues covering the full value chain from R&D to exploitation
  • reach common understanding of future challenges and topics for further R&D

The MNBS workshop regroupped FP7 running projects but also terminated FP6 projects and invited presentations on relevant topics from external stakeholders.

The focus this year was in "The Road to the Commercialization".

Micro-Nano-Bio Systems convergence is a major domain within the field of Microsystems & Smart Systems Integration, which is being supported by the European Commission under the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Theme. The EU-funded projects in this domain focus on advanced systems by developing and integrating converging micro-nano-bio and information & communication technologies. The group currently includes MNBS for "in-vitro" testing and for in vivo interaction with the human body as well as analytical systems for environment and good applications. In this context, invited lectures on selected topics were presented and round table discussions was animated. Furthermore, attendees had opportunity to meet and visit research labs and industrial partners in Mondragón.

Programme and presentations


Opening session

Converging resources to support the value creation in Europe of Microsystems and Smart Miniaturized Systems research projects (COWIN) by Jean-Philippe Leclercq, Yole Développement, FR

Section 1: Microsystems interacting with the body

Array of Robots Augmenting the KiNematics of Endoluminal Surgery (ARAKNES) by Paolo Dario, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, IT

Transverse, Intrafascicular Multichannel Electrode System for induction of sensation and treatment of phantom limb pain in amputees (TIME) by Winnie Jensen, Aalborg University, DK

Neuroprosthetic interface systems for restoring motor functions (NEUWalk) by Peter Detemple, IMM, DE

Microsystem integration based on electroactive polymer gels for cardiovascular applications (Heart-e-Gel) by Renzo Dal Molin, Sorin CRM, FR

Section 2: Lab on Chip

Laboratory Skin Patches and SmartCards based on foils and compatible with a smartphone (LabOnFoil) by Jesús Ruano, Ikerlan-IK4, ES

Micro-Fabrication of polymeric Lab-on-chip by Ultrafast lasers with Integrated optical Detection (microFLUID) by Sabine Brunklaus, IMM, DE

Monolithically Integrated Interferometric Biochips For label-free Early Detection of Human Diseases (PYTHIA) by Ioannis Raptis, IMEL NCSR 'Demokritos', GR

A highly integrated and sensitive PORous Silicon based lab on a chip for multiple quantitiaTIVE monitoring of Food allergies at point of care (Positive) by Daniel Hill, Universidad de Valencia, ES

Development of Smart Integrated Miniaturised Sensor System for analytical challenges in diagnotics, industry and the environment (SIMS) by Anthony Killar, Dublin City University, IE

Section 3: The road to the commercialization

From MEMS devices to Medical Diagnostic market. A case study: Ultrasonic Imaging Probe  by An Nguyen-Dinh, Vermon SA, FR

From MEMS to active cardiac implantable medical devices: what does the market needs? by Alain Ripart, Sorin Group, FR

Legyon Case Study: How to bring a lab on chip device to the market? by Rik Thijssen, Vitens Solutions, NL

Regulation as driver of innovation for medical device technologies by Anne Dupraz-Poiseau, Voisin Consulting, FR

Creating Jobs: value experiences in building a microfluidics company by Claudia Gaertner, microfluidic ChipShop GmbH, DE


Opening session

Convergence and integration at the core of the Basque BioRegion by María Aguirre, Biobasque Agency, ES

Future opportunities for funding MNBS research under the ICT priority by Andreas Lymberis, European Commission

Section 4: Microsystems interacting with bacteria and cells

A highly integrated optical sensor for point of care label free identification of pathogenic bacteria strains and their antibiotic resistance (InTopSens) by Aman Russom, KTH-Royal Institute of Technology, SE

Magnetic Isolation and molecular Analysis of single Circulating & disseminated tumor cElls on chip (Miracle) by Cristina de Joncheere, IMEC, BE

Platform for Advanced Single Cell-Manipulation and Analysis (PASCA) by Peter Koltay, IMTECK, DE

Section 5: Microsystems for health and related initiatives

Nano-Actuators and Nano-Sensors for MedicalApplications (NANOMA) by Antoine Ferreira, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Bourges, FR

Ultrafast eLectronics for Terahertz Rapid Analsis in Compact lab-on-chips applications (ULTRA) by Helge Bohlmann, Microtec, DE

Smart miniature low-power wireless microsystem for Body Area Networks (WiserBan) by Vincent Peiris, CSEM, CH

In vivo ULTRAsonic Transponder System for Biomedical Applications (ULTRAsponder) by Dr. Catherine Dehollain, EPFL, CH

European initiative on Grid Computing, Biomedical Informatics and Nanoinformatics (ActionGrid) by Diana de la Iglesia, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, ES

Towards commerzialization of lab-on-a-chip technology by Felix von Stetten, HSG-IMIT, DE

Section 6: Consultation and summary

EPoSS MedTech Working Group position paper on Healthcare by Renzo Dal Molin, Sorin CRM, FR

All position papers can be downloaded here .

The detailed programme is available on Event's webpage at IKERLAN website. 

Other documents available for download