Factories of the Future
Activities under ICT WP2013
Brussels, 8 November 2011

The Factories of the Future initiative is part of the European Commission's Economic Recovery Plan which aims to support European manufacturing enterprises, in particular SMEs, in adapting to global competitive pressures by improving their technological base. For the final call of the ICT Work Programme 2013 (WP2013) under this set up, it is envisaged to encourage activities that will promote a broad uptake and use of ICT by industry (in manufacturing) and will benefit SMEs in particular.
The workshop aimed to bring together a wide spectrum of experiences, from past and from ongoing activities, to discuss the feasibility and practical use of actions facilitating first use/rapid uptake of ICT and potential administrative drawbacks.
Key presentations:
Final Report of the Workshop
Contact: Erastos Filos, ICT Coordinator, Factories of the Future