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NEW Download ICT Workprogramme 2013 here .

NEW See details of next FoF ICT Call (Objectives FoF-ICT-2013.7.1 and FoF-ICT-2013.7.2 here .

NEW Description of the technological topics under the recent Factories of the Future ICT Call is available here .

NEW Report from the Workshop on 'ICT Innovation for the Factories of the Future' held on 10 July in Brussels is available here .





Welcome to the ICT for Factories of the Future site

The Factories of the Future initiative is part of the European Commission's Economic Recovery Plan and aims to help European manufacturing enterprises to adapt to global competitive pressures by improving the technological base of manufacturing across a broad range of sectors. See more
The ICT aspects of the Factories of the Future initiative address in particular:
Smart Factories: ICT to support agile manufacturing and customisation including process automation control, simulation and optimisation technologies, robotics, and tools for sustainable manufacturing;
Virtual Factories: ICT supporting value creation from global networked operations including global supply chain management, product-service linkage and management of distributed manufacturing assets;
Digital Factories: ICT to support a better understanding of manufacturing and design, better product lifecycle management including simulation, modelling and knowledge management from product conception to production, including product after-sales, maintenance and end-of-life operations.

Open Call

For more information, please visit the following link .


fof-roadmap.jpg The FoF Strategic Multi-annual Roadmap has been prepared by the Ad-Hoc Industrial Advisory Group of the Factories of the Future Public-Private Partnership (FoF PPP), which was set up in March 2009. The Roadmap lays out industrial research priority areas for the implementation of the FoF PPP covering the period from 2010 to 2013.
fof-brochure.jpg The brochure ICT and Factories of the Future. Results of the First Two Calls provides an overview of 26 FoF projects launched under the ICT Theme of FP7 in 2010 and 2011.
The Vision for Manufacturing 2.0 has been elaborated by FoF project ActionPlanT by involving a large number of industrial and academic stakeholders across Europe.
For an overview of FoF ICT projects in the area of product lifecycle management (PLM) see the following presentation “The Future of PLM” .


At the workshop "Factories of the Future beyond 2013: Which Role for ICT?" (Brussels, 14 October 2010) stakeholders were asked to present ideas for an effective implementation of ICT, in particular Future Internet technologies, within the context of the Factories of the Future initiative. See keynote presentations and final report here .
The workshop "Factories of the Future Activities under ICT WP2013" (Brussels, 8 November 2011)discussed the feasibility of actions to facilitate first use/rapid uptake of ICT. Key presentations and final report are available here .
At the 2012 CeBIT Fair (Hannover, 6-10 March 2012), several ICT projects demonstrated first results and presented their activities at a dedicated "ICT & Factories of the Future Conference". See more

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