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Information & Communication Technologies

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Micro/Nano systems


Integration and Manufacturing

This cluster brings together several projects that share common challenges on Microsystems manufacturing. The purpose is to share experience from several EU funded projects and discuss how the ICTs can contribute to improving the efficiency, adaptability and sustainability of manufacturing systems as well as their better integration within business processes in an increasingly globalised industrial context.

This cluster also includes the projects funded by the first call dedicated to the Factories of the Future PPP .

List of active projects

Acronym Instrument Start Date Duration Grant
ActionPlanT CA 1 Jun 2010 24 1 499 964 €
KAP IP 1 Sep 2010 36 7 545 000 €
HERMES IP 1 May 2008 36 8 350 000 €
PriMeBits STREP 1 Jan 2008 36 2 899 999 €