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Micro/Nano systems


Smart Fabrics and Interactive Textile

 The area of Smart Fabrics and Interactive Textile was initiated by G2 in 2005 through an exploratory workshop "Creating new opportunities from the marriage of micro-nano systems and Smart Fabrics & Interactive Textiles".
The cluster of EC-funded projects on SFIT regroups FP6 and FP7 project activities under Smart Systems Integration aiming at the full integration of sensors/actuators, energy sources, flexible & stretchable electronics, processing and communication within textile and clothing towards more functionalized, user-friendly, and autonomous (wearable) systems. Such systems enable various applications from biomedical (Biotex) to personal protection and disaster situation management (Proetex) to sport and well-being (Context, Biotex).
Several “ICT for health” projects have been also part of the cluster (e.g. My Heart, Ofseth, HeartCycle) with focus on personal health management through integration, validation, and use of smart wearable systems/solutions; i.e., smart clothing and other networked mobile devices.

List of active projects

Acronym Instrument Start Date Duration Grant
PASTA IP 1 Oct 2010 48 6 500 000 €
PLACE-it IP 1 Feb 2010 42 10 881 000 €
SYSTEX SA 1 May 2008 36 800 000 €