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Networked Monitoring and Control

Portfolio of FP7 Projects

The Networked Monitoring and Control (previously Networked Embedded and Control Systems ) projects resulting from Call 2 and Call 5 have been organised in two areas: Control of large-scale systems (CLaSS) and Wireless Sensor Networks and Cooperating Objects (WSN&CO) .

Control of Large-Scale Systems (CLaSS)

AEOLUS (224548) Distributed Control of Large-Scale Offshore Wind Farms 88KB
AESOP (258682) ArchitecturE for Service-Oriented Process - Monitoring and Control
AGILE (257806) rApidly-deployable, self-tuninG, self-reconfIgurabLE, nearlyoptimal
control design for large-scale nonlinear systems

AutoProfit (257059) Advanced Autonomous Model-Based Operation of Industrial Process Systems
CHAT (224428) Control of Heterogeneous Automation systems: Technologies for scalability, reconfigurability and security 394KB
CON4COORD (223844) Control for Coordination of Distributed Systems 240KB
DISC (224498) Distributed Supervisory Control of Large Plants 181KB
FeedNetBack (223866) Co-design for networked control systems 406KB
HD-MPC (223854) Hierarchical and Distributed Model Predictive Control of Large-Scale Systems 471KB
HYCON 2 (257462) Highly-complex and networked control systems
MoVes (257005) Modeling, verification and control of complex systems: From foundations to power network applications
MULTIFORM (224249) Integrated Multi-formalism Tool Support for the Design of Networked Embedded Control Systems 606KB
PAPYRUS (257580) Plug and Play monitoring and control architecture for optimization of large scale production processes
PRODI (224233) Power plants Robustification based On fault Detection 227KB

Wireless Sensor Networks and Cooperating Objects (WSN&CO)

CHOSeN (224327) Cooperative Hybrid Objects Sensor Networks 324KB
CLAM (258359) ColLAborative eMbedded networks for submarine surveillance
CONET (224053) Cooperating Objects NETwork of Excellence 198KB
CONSERN (257542) COoperative aNd Self-growing Energy awaRe Networks
flexWARE (224350) Flexible Wireless Automation in Real-Time Environments 446KB
GENESI (257916) Green sEnsor NEtworks for Structural monitoring
GINSENG (224282) Performance Control in Wireless Sensor Networks 232KB
GreenerBuildings (258888) An ubiquitous embedded systems framework for energy-aware buildings using activity and context knowledge
IPAC (224395) Integrated Platform for Autonomic Computing 361KB
LocON (224148) Platform for an inter-working of embedded localisation and communication system 512KB
MakeSense (258351) Easy Programming of Integrated Wireless Sensor Networks
PECES (224342) PErvasive Computing in Embedded Systems 633KB
PLANET (257649) PLAtform for the deployment and operation of heterogeneous NETworked cooperating objects
POBICOS (223984) Platform for Opportunistic Behaviour in Incompletely Specified, Heterogeneous Object Communities 350KB
SM4All (224332) Smart hoMes for All: An Embedded Middleware Platform for Pervasive and Immersive Environments for-All 449KB
VITRO (215216) Virtualized dIstributed plaTfoRms of smart Objects
WIDE (224168) Decentralized and Wireless Control of Large-Scale Systems 485KB

Support Actions in Networked Monitoring and Control

EUCLID (257093) Strengthening EU-India collaboration in networked monitoring and control systems technologies
NESTER (224130) Networked Embedded and control Systems Technologies for Europe and Russia 217KB
SHARE (224170) Sharing Open Source Software Middleware to improve industry competitiveness in the embedded systems domain 342KB

FP7 Project Portfolio

Project Portfolio Booklets are available for Networked Monitoring and Control ( 4699 kB ) and separately for the CLaSS ( 2383 kB ) and WSN&CO ( 2553 kB ) areas.

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