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Future Internet Public-Private Partnership (FI-PPP) : Phase 3

This page is a copy of the phase 3 page on the Europa website and might be discontinued in future.

This page is about Future Internet PPP Call 3. The Commission services will publish here regularly all information relevant to call 3 and the implementation of phase 3 of the Future Internet PPP.

Phase 3 aims at:

  1. providing and running a stable infrastructure for the large scale trials, expanding the core platform, the use case specific functionalities and their demand-driven instantiations, and
  2. involving through open calls SMEs and webentrepreneurs as developers of highly innovative, infrastructure based, data-rich services and applications, building on, and extending, the large scale trials and the core platform functionalities.

The third phase is an integral part of the FI-PPP and capitalises on the investments and developments of phase one and two.

The third phase of the FI-PPP ensures that technological developments and trials taking place in phases one and two will evolve into seed-type activities generating actual take-up of innovative Internet services and applications.

The FI-PPP should also be an accelerator for regional smart growth. Therefore this last phase of the FI-PPP is expected to connect and establish close synergies with regional developments and policies.

Please note that this Call is structured in two steps :

  1. A Call for proposals launched by the European Commission (EC) on 28 June 2013 :
    Consortia will submit project proposals to the EC in response to this Call and up to 20 consortia will be selected. These consortia will consist of "intermediaries"; organisations with connections to SMEs, Web entrepreneurs, startups, software developers, etc. Examples of such intermediaries are start-up accelerators, crowdfunding platforms, venture capitalists, co-working spaces, regional funding organisations, SME associations and technology companies. Individual SMEs, Web entrepreneurs, startups, software developers, etc. are not targeted in this first step.
  2. Open Calls to be launched by the projects selected from the EC Call (above) :
    The selected projects will publish Open Calls for the distribution of grants to SMEs and Web entrepreneurs. SMEs and Web entrepreneurs may submit proposals to one (or perhaps more) of these Open Calls, in accordance with the requirements defined by the projects launching the Open Calls.

The deadline for the Call launched by the EC is 10 December 2013. The proposals submitted will then be evaluated and the best 20 (or less) will enter into contract negotiations with the European Commission. The successful projects will start work around May 2014 at the earliest.

They will subsequently launch Open Calls for SMEs and Web entrepreneurs as part of their contractual obligations. The first Open Calls are expected to be launched 3-4 months after the projects start work.

Further information about the Open Calls to be launched by the selected projects will be announced by the projects themselves, via their own means and via EC websites.

We also provide a short introduction to Call 3, Objective 1.8 "Expansion of Use Cases" .

Call Opening: 28 June 2013

Call Closure: 10 December 2013 (17:00)

General information

About the FI-PPP

Further information

  • Additional information on the negotiation process of call FP7-2013-ICT-FI (not available yet)
  • Information on the evaluation process (focused on evaluators) (not available yet)

Events on Call 3

Looking for partners?

Project Ideas are submitted by prospective proposal coordinators, who typically detail the proposed project and request certain competencies and roles from other partners. Organisations that are interested in joining proposal consortia may look for suitable Project Ideas.

Potential Partner descriptions are submitted by organisations, who typically detail their competencies that they offer to prospective proposal coordinators. Prospective proposal coordinators that are interested in adding partners to their consortia may look for suitable Potential Partner descriptions.

  • Browse Project Ideas (Requests) : if you are a potential partner and would like to participate in a proposal that requests certain expertises
  • Browse Potential Partners (Offers) : if you are a proposal coordinator and are looking for partners which offer specific expertise
  • For submitting Project Ideas and Potential Partner descriptions:
    1. Log-in to the web site , using/creating your profile, for uploading a Project Idea and/or a Potential Partner description for a call 3 proposal.
    2. Enter the details of your Project Idea / Potential Partner description in the online form. You may work on your submission in draft form as long as you wish, before finally submitting it.
    3. Press the "submit" button to send your Project Idea / Potential Partner description. It will now appear online. You can edit your Project Idea / Potential Partner description even after you have submitted it.